How to Transfer Car Ownership in Malaysia?

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How to Transfer Car Ownership in Malaysia?

Figuring out how to transfer car ownership may sound complicated and troublesome. But actually, the procedure of changing the name of a car or changing car ownership is not as difficult as you think. You need to know things related to the process of car transfer ownership, especially if you want to buy a used car or want to sell your old car.

What Do You Need to Know About Car Transfer Ownership in Malaysia?

The process of transferring the car ownership is one of the important things to do. This is because, if there is an incident or road accident, the legal owner of the car according to the name recorded in the car grant may have to be responsible for the incident.

Qoala lists how to transfer the name of a vehicle and a complete guide to the process of voluntarily changing ownership of a vehicle, including the process of changing the name of a car after the owner dies as follows:

Transfer Car Ownership (JPJ)

To transfer car ownership is actually very easy and does not take a long time. You can use the services of a middleman or do the JPJ name change process yourself at the JPJ counter.

The process of transfer ownership with JPJ needs to be done immediately to avoid other risks that may occur. If you sell or buy a car but don’t change the name of the car, assuming the buyer who bought your used car commits a criminal activity, you may be held responsible for what happened because the car is still in your name on the car grant.

In a case like this, the police must find the owner of the vehicle. Simple code, the nominee on the car grant is the legal owner of the car even though the car has been used or has been sold to another party. For this reason, it is important that you change the name of the car immediately in the event of a change of vehicle owner to avoid this kind of situation from happening.

1. Clear the Rest of Outstanding Payment

If you want to sell your old car to another individual, you need to make sure that the debt or car loan balance is fully settled. This is because, the unpaid car is subject to other situations that do not allow you to change the name of the owner arbitrarily.

2. Puspakom Car Transfer Ownership

Second, you need to do a car inspection at Puspakom to change the name of the car to the name of the new owner. You can do this process yourself or the new car owner can come to Puspakom to do the inspection.

To help facilitate your process, you are advised to make an appointment with Puspakom first. In addition, you can also choose to do a Puspakom inspection at any location of your choice through a Puspakom mobile inspection. You can refer to the Puspakom website to find out how to change the car grant name online at Puspakom.

MyPuspakom Inspection Appointment System Registration Guide for Car Transfer Ownership

If you want to know how to book Puspakom to change the name of a car grant, the following guide may help simplify the process of checking the title change of your vehicle:

i. MyPuspakom Account Registration
  • Click on the sign In button;
  • Then, select the appropriate account type according to the type of check;
  • Enter the required account information – name, ID number, address and other required information;
  • Upload the required supporting documents;
  • Then press the Register button.
b. Puspakom Inspection Appointment
  1. Login using a verified email address and password;
  2. Select the New Appointment button;
  3. Complete the required vehicle information – vehicle category, vehicle type, usage class and so on;
  4. Then, select the State and Date of your preferred inspection. The availability of inspection dates and times is subject to the current situation and circumstances;
  5. If the inspection is done through a representative, enter the information of the representative or car carrier who will be present;
  6. Confirm your appointment information;
  7. Confirm the payment amount and make the payment online using a credit card, debit card or FPX (internet banking);

Bring with you documents such as the identity card and original car grant or Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) during the Puspakom inspection. Also, don’t forget to bring the Appointment Confirmation Slip with you during the inspection.

Once the inspection is complete, Puspakom will issue Form B5 Puspakom which will be used by JPJ during the car name change procedure. The price of Puspakom to change the car name charged is only RM30.

3. JPJ Car Transfer Ownership

If you are the original owner of the car, you need to come to the JPJ office to transfer the ownership of your vehicle. The vehicle name change process needs to be done at the Road Transport Department because it requires biometric verification (fingerprint verification). For this reason, the original owner must present himself at any branch of the Road Transport Department for further processing.

Bring documents to change the name of the car such as the identity card and original vehicle grant or Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC). You need to fill in the name change form at JPJ – Voluntary Change of Motor Vehicle Ownership Statement Form by Registered Owner (JPJ K3).

To fill out this form, you need to enter information such as full name, ID number and address of the original owner and the new owner.

After completing the form, a fingerprint check (thumbprint to change the name of the car) will be done. JPJ will then issue a JPJ thumbprint slip indicating that the transfer of ownership of the vehicle has now been completed on your behalf.

4. Business at JPJ Change Car Name (How to Change the Name of the New Car Owner)

If you are a used car buyer, you need to know that the road tax and car insurance will be automatically cancelled once the original owner’s fingerprint verification is done. Therefore, it is recommended that you renew the road tax and car insurance under your name before conducting the transfer of ownership at the JPJ. After completing the process, the JPJ will issue a Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) under your name.

For this process, you need to bring the necessary documents for the transfer of vehicle ownership such as your identification card, the original vehicle grant or Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC), B5 Puspakom form and the original owner’s JPJ thumbprint slip.

how to transfer ownership of car

2 Ways to Transfer Car Ownership Without Going to JPJ (How to Transfer Car Ownership Online)

In addition to physically transferring ownership of a vehicle, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) also offers a service to transfer car ownership without having to go to their office.

1. Register MySikap Account

If you do not have an account with MySikap, you need to register for an account first. In addition to the voluntary transfer of ownership (online vehicle ownership transfer), the MySikap portal also allows you to perform transactions related to:

  • Renewal and cancellation of motorcycle vehicle licenses;
  • Renewal of driving licenses;
  • Application for international driving permits;
  • Appeal for expired driving licenses;
  • JPJ summons checking.

    2. Log In MySikap Account

    After completing the registration process or if you already have a MySikap account, you can log in to your account. You can follow the steps to change the name of your vehicle online as follows:

    i. Car Ownership Transfer Process: Original Car Owner

    For the original car owner, you need to follow the online car ownership transfer process as follows:

    • Log in and select the “Kenderaan” (Vehicle) option;
    • Then, select the “Permohonan Pertukaran Hak Milik Kenderaan (Pemilik Berdaftar)” (Application for Vehicle Ownership Transfer (Registered Owner)) option;
    • Enter the car registration number and click “Teruskan” (Continue);
    • The related information will be displayed – verify the information, then click “Teruskan” (Continue) again;
    • Enter the email address of the Registrar and the New Owner, then click “Teruskan” (Continue);
    • The process is complete – keep the receipt for your reference.
    ii. Car Ownership Transfer Process: New Car Owner

    If you are the new car owner, here are the steps to follow for JPJ online car ownership transfer:

    • Log in and select Vehicle;
    • Then, select Application for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership (New Owner);
    • Enter the Car Plate Number and click Continue;
    • For the Vehicle Declaration field, select Peninsula and click Continue;
    • Enter the payment information and click Pay;
    • Verify the information and click Continue;
    • Print the receipt and bring it along for the next process at any nearby JPJ branch.

    Although the initial process of transferring vehicle ownership can be done online, you still need to physically present yourself at JPJ for the verification of the JPJ thumbprint or fingerprint for the car ownership transfer procedure.

    3 Processes to Transfer Vehicle Ownership After Owner’s Death

    For cases where the owner of a car has passed away, the process of transferring the vehicle ownership can be quite complicated, especially if the original owner did not leave any will. Here is a complete guide on how to transfer car ownership when the owner has passed away for your reference:

    1. The Small Estates Distribution Unit or Land Office

    If the original owner did not leave any will, the heirs can initiate a small estate distribution claim first. After the distribution process is completed, the heirs will receive a letter of instruction for the distribution of ownership of the assets left behind.

    The heir who receives the vehicle in the name of the deceased can proceed with the name transfer process using the letter of instruction for distribution as proof of ownership. This transaction must be done immediately before the road tax expires.

    This is because the road tax for a vehicle registered under the name of a deceased owner can only be renewed once every six months by the closest heir.

    2. Puspakom Inspection for Vehicle Ownership Transfer

    After the process of distribution of inheritance is completed, the heirs need to bring the original grant and the vehicle to Puspakom for inspection. Similar to the process of voluntary transfer of ownership, Puspakom will issue a B5 Puspakom report. This form will be used during the process of changing the vehicle name.

    3. Attend to JPJ for Change of Ownership

    After completing both of the above processes, the heirs can proceed with the name transfer at any nearby JPJ office. How much does it cost to transfer vehicle ownership or what is the fee for vehicle name transfer? The 2023 vehicle name transfer fees at JPJ are as follows:

      • Motorcycle name transfer fee – RM30;
      • Car name transfer fee – RM100;
      • Commercial vehicle – RM40;
      • Off-road vehicle – RM100.

    To facilitate the process of vehicle ownership transfer, the heirs or applicants are advised to attend JPJ in person. If the applicant wishes to send a representative on their behalf, they must provide personal identification information and an official appointment letter for the representative. For this process, the applicant must also provide the vehicle name transfer documents as follows:

    1. Copy of the High Court order certified by the Court; or
    2. Copy of the Probate Grant certified by the Court; or
    3. Copy of the Letter of Administration certified by the Court; or
    4. Copy of the Distribution Order/Letter of Authority to Administer under the Small Estates (Distribution) Act 1955 certified by the Director General of Lands and Mines Department; or
    5. Copy of the Faraid Order certified by the Syariah Court;
    6. An affidavit (made by the heir as in the Faraid order) regarding the rejection of the asset shall be attached;
    7. The affidavit shall be made in the presence of a government-appointed commissioner of oaths/Magistrate/Judge;
    8. This affidavit must be attached if the Faraid Order does not indicate the name/heir of the deceased’s motor vehicle.
    9. Copy of Schedule Three certified by the Sabah State Court; or
    10. Copy of the Order in Form C certified by the State Land and Survey Department Office in Sabah.

    Transfer Car Ownership: Cara Tukar Nama Kereta Belum Habis Bayar

    Some of you may wonder whether it’s possible to transfer ownership of a car that is not fully paid, or how to transfer ownership of a car that is still under bank loan. For vehicle owners who intend to sell their car that is not yet fully paid or is still under bank loan, this guide may be helpful.

    Transfer Car Ownership: How to Change Car Ownership for a Car with Outstanding Loan

    Basically, you are not allowed or permitted to transfer ownership of a car that is not fully paid to your spouse, siblings, or parents.

    In other words, there is no way to transfer ownership of a car that is not fully paid. If you are under a bank loan, you need to settle the outstanding balance first before you can transfer ownership of the vehicle. However, there are certain situations where it is possible.

    For example, a new owner who buys a car that is not yet fully paid can apply for a new car loan on the same car. The interest rate and loan amount depend on the current loan interest rate and the amount agreed upon by both parties (current market price).

    This method allows the old owner’s name to be transferred to the new owner, and the loan will be settled by the borrower or new buyer.

    Requirements for Car Ownership Transfer, Documents for Car Ownership Transfer in Malaysia

    To facilitate the process of transferring car ownership, there are several conditions for changing the name of the car that must be complied with, as well as documents for transferring car ownership that need to be prepared by you. You can refer to the conditions and documents required for transferring car ownership as follows:

    1. Vehicle Ownership Transfer Requirements (General Requirements for Vehicle Ownership Transfer)

    The following are the general requirements for transferring vehicle ownership that must be complied with before proceeding with the vehicle ownership transfer procedure:

    1. The original owner of the car and the buyer must be present themselves at any JPJ branch for biometric fingerprint verification.

    2. For car ownership transfer without the owner, a representative can only be appointed by the registered owner or the new owner (buyer) for vehicles other than individual ownership.

    3. There are no restrictions such as financial company ownership claims, outstanding customs tax records, blacklist records, etc.
      The vehicle to be transferred (except for motorcycles) has undergone inspection at Puspakom.

    4. The commercial vehicle permit for the registered original owner has been cancelled.

    5. The fee has been paid.

    6. The documents required to transfer ownership of the car (original owner and buyer) are as follows:

    • Personal identification documents such as MyKad, MyTentera, MyPR or passport.
    • If the car to be transferred is not individually owned, an official appointment letter for a representative must be brought along by the representative.
    • A completed JPJK3 form.
    • Vehicle registration certificate.
    • Government /Bank /Financial Company /Insurance /Organization /Cooperative /Private Limited Company /Public Limited Company /Sole Proprietorship /Partnership Business /Statutory Body /Local Authority /Embassy /High Commissioner /Consulate /International Organizations confirmation of identity such as:
    • A copy of Form 49 (MANDATORY).
    • A copy of the resolution/minutes of the meeting related to the approval of the vehicle sale.
    • Form 9 or Form 13 certified by the company secretary or the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) (whichever is relevant).
    • A certified copy of Form D by SSM.
    • Other identity verification documents (as applicable).
    • Motor vehicle sales approval letter.

    2. Special Conditions for Vehicle Ownership Transfer (Special Conditions for Vehicle Ownership Transfer)

    The following are the specific requirements for changing the car ownership that must be adhered to before proceeding with the transfer of vehicle ownership procedure:

    1. For registered vehicle owners who are located outside of the country, you need to provide a copy of your passport certified by the Malaysian Embassy in the location where the registered owner is located. In addition, you also need a letter of consent for the sale of the vehicle signed by the registered owner in the presence of and certified by an officer of the Malaysian Embassy in the location where the registered owner is located.
    2. If the registered owner cannot be located or contacted, you will need a court order to transfer ownership of the vehicle;
    3. For company-owned vehicles/partnerships that have been wound up/in the process of dissolution managed by Receivers and Managers/Liquidators, you will need the following documents:
    • Letter of consent for vehicle sale;
    • Certified copy of Form 59 by SSM;
    • Certified copy of Form 70 by SSM;
    • Certified copy of Form 72 by SSM.
    1. For commercial vehicles, you will need the following items:
    • For off-road vehicles in particular, a Special Inspection (B2) at Puspakom is required first;
    • Fire engine/ tow truck/ hearse vehicles must undergo preliminary inspections PG11A/ PG13B;
    • Cancellation of permit letter/ approval letter for modification by SPAD/ LPKP/ Ministry of Tourism;
    • Approval letter for license or modification letter;
    • Completed JPJK1 form if the motor vehicle will operate as decontrolled;
    • Completed JPJK11 form if the motor vehicle will operate off-road;
      Certified copy of exemption letter from Treasury/ MITI/ Customs (if applicable).

    We hope that this vehicle ownership transfer guide can help you with the process of changing the car ownership name. Additionally, if you’re looking for the best car insurance and motorcycle insurance for yourself, visit Qoala’s official website for more information. Qoala is the best insurance platform in Malaysia with attractive and reasonable insurance prices.

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