Lost Your Motor or Car Grant? Follow These 3 Steps

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Lost Your Motor or Car Grant? Follow These 3 Steps

If your motorcycle or car grant is lost, you do not have to panic because it is common among vehicle owners. Usually, a lost car grant is due to your own negligence or your grant is damaged due to an unforeseen event such as fire or flooding.

3 Ways You Can Consider If Your Motorcycle or Car Registration Certificate (RC) is Lost

The question is, is the car grant or motorcycle grant important? In general, there are several situations where you may need to present the original car grant or motorcycle grant, such as when selling your vehicle to a third party.

The vehicle grant or Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) is a document that contains complete information about your vehicle registration issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ). You can think of the vehicle grant as an identification card for your car or motorcycle.

Is the car grant or motorcycle grant required when you want to renew your road tax or transfer vehicle ownership? The short answer is no. You do not need the original grant for these purposes. However, if you want to sell your car or motorcycle to a third party, you need to hand over the original grant to the buyer. Here are three things you can do if you lose your car or motorcycle grant:

1. Car Grant/Motorcycle at the Bank

The first method you can do is to obtain a copy of the original car or motorcycle grant from any bank branch that has approved or provided a loan for your vehicle. Usually, the bank holds your original car grant if the car loan has not been fully paid yet.

However, you can still request a copy of the original grant if you make a written application according to the Hire-Purchase (Amendment) Act 2010, which requires the bank to provide the VOC to the applicant when requested in writing.

How to Get Car/Motorcycle Grant from Bank

Below are the ways to obtain the car or motorcycle grant from the bank:

          1. Visit any branch of the bank that provided the car loan to you;
          2. Complete the required form;
          3. Submit your identification card (MyKad) to the officer in charge;
          4. After the verification process (fingerprint scanning), the officer in charge will hand over the original car grant to you;
          5. If you need a copy of the grant for insurance claims, you only need to call the bank. Once verified, a copy of the grant will be sent to you via email.

2. Car Grant/Motorcycle at the JPJ

You can obtain the original vehicle registration certificate (VRC) from any nearby JPJ branch. A fee of RM50 will be charged for a car VRC and RM20 for a motorcycle VRC.

How to Get Car Grant at JPJ

After all the documents have been prepared, follow these steps when dealing at the JPJ counter:

          1. Bring your identification card (MyKad) and other required documents;
          2. Fill in and complete the JPJ K7 form;
          3. Submit your MyKad and completed JPJ K7 form to the officer on duty;
          4. After verification, you will receive a copy of the original grant as required.

As a registered vehicle owner, you need to prepare the following documents before dealing with the JPJ. The documents required by registered vehicle owners are:

          1. Vehicle Ownership Checklist Form;
          2. Two copies of completed JPJ K7 form;
          3. Original Identification Card (MyKad) for identification purposes;
          4. The specified fee payment;
          5. For motorcycle owners, a letter of authorization from the financial institution if there is a claim of ownership for less than two years.

Other than registered vehicle owners, application for VOC can only be made by any government agency officer, company, organization officer or lawful heirs. The documents required for a representative of a registered owner are as follows:

          1. Checklist of Vehicle Ownership Copy form;
          2. Two copies of completed JPJ K7 form;
          3. Official letter from Government Agency/Company/Organization;
          4. Payment of the prescribed fee;
          5. For motorcycles, a letter of consent from the financial institution if there is a ownership claim of less than two years.

The following are the documents that need to be prepared by heirs:

          1. Checklist Form for Vehicle Ownership Copy;
          2. Two completed JPJ K7 Forms;
          3. Copy of the registered owner’s (pemilik berdaftar) MyKad;
          4. Copy of the receiver’s MyKad;
          5. Supporting documents explaining why the registered owner (pemilik berdaftar) of the vehicle cannot be present for the consideration of the State Director or authorized officer;
          6. Supporting documents proving the relationship between the beneficiary and the registered owner;
          7. If the registered owner or owner of the vehicle has passed away, the JPJ K7 form must be signed by the heir appointed by the court or the Small Estate/Executor/Executrix/Administrator appointed by the court in the Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate;
          8. Required fee payment;
          9. For motorcycles, a letter of authorization from the financial institution if the ownership claim is less than two years.

3. Car Grant/Motorcycle JPJ’s Kiosk

In addition to applying for a vehicle grant at the counter, you can also obtain a copy of the car or motorcycle grant from any JPJ kiosk located throughout Malaysia. This method is easier compared to the two methods explained above.

How to Print Vehicle Ownership Certificate (Geran) at JPJ Kiosk

Here are the steps you need to follow to get a car or motorcycle grant at a JPJ kiosk:

          1. Insert your MyKad and place your right thumb on the fingerprint scanner;
          2. Select the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC);
          3. Check the displayed information for further action;
          4. Insert your debit card for payment;
          5. You will be charged RM50 (for original car grant) for each successful transaction;
          6. Select a receipt print if you need it.

kiosk jpj car grant

Now You Know What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Car Grant, Keep it Safe

Once you have obtained a new copy of the car or motorcycle registration document, make sure to keep it safe so that it does not get lost again. You can make several copies to keep or store it in a file with other vehicle documents. Although the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) can be accessed online, you still need the original car or motorcycle registration document when you want to sell your vehicle.

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