5 Ways to Check Outstanding Income Tax Malaysia via MyTax Hasil

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5 Ways to Check Outstanding Income Tax Malaysia via MyTax Hasil

How to Check Outstanding Income Tax Malaysia? Many individuals have reported receiving scam calls from individuals pretending to be officials from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) regarding overdue taxes. These scam artists use various deceitful tactics, including claiming that the victim has an old overdue tax case with LHDN. As a result, some victims have been tricked into losing thousands of Ringgit.

5 Ways Check Your LHDN Tax Arrears Online Through Mytax Hasil

It is important to check for any outstanding taxes with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) to be aware of your current tax status and avoid falling victim to LHDN scams. You are advised to check your tax status or any outstanding taxes through the MyTax LHDN portal.

If you have registered before, simply log in to the MyTax portal and enter your identification number. However, if you have not registered before, you can follow these steps to check for any outstanding taxes with LHDN:

  1. Visit the MyTax portal to check for any outstanding taxes, then click on “First Time Login”.
  2. Enter your PIN number and reference number (identification number) and click “Submit”.
  3. Taxpayers registered with LHDN can obtain their LHDN PIN number through nearby LHDN branches or apply online through the available link.
  4. Once successful, the system will display the Dashboard screen.
  5. The Dashboard will display information related to tax summary, mailbox, profile, MyTax status, menu list, Chatbox, and services.

How to Check Outstanding Income Tax Malaysia? Here’s How to Avoid Court Action with 5 Tips

Many people, especially young adults, tend to overlook or take lightly the payment of income tax. As a result, there is a possibility of tax arrears and facing the risk of legal action. To avoid this from happening, here are five smart financial management tips, especially in handling taxes, for your reference:

1. Be Aware and Careful with Legal Provisions

Individuals who do not have business income sources and only receive a salary need to file their annual income tax by 30th April each year. For individuals who are engaged in business, the annual tax amount must be settled by 30th June each year.

Any individual who fails to file income tax, property gains tax, and company tax may have their name blacklisted and may not be allowed to leave the country.

2. Refer to Information Regarding Taxes on the Official HASil Portal

Basic information regarding income tax can be found on the official portal of the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. These pieces of information can help you better understand the taxation system.

Apart from the official portal, you can also refer to tax-related information on the official social media platforms of the Inland Revenue Board and other tax-specialized portals.

Semak Cukai Tertunggak LHDN melalui MyTax HASil

3. Contact the Customer Relations Officer of Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (HASil)

If you want to get more information regarding taxes, you can contact the official HASil hotline at 03-8911 1000 or 603-8911 1100 for calls from outside the country.

In addition, you can also use other communication channels such as HASiL Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Customer Feedback Form to obtain more accurate information regarding tax arrears.

4. Check Your Outstanding Taxes with LHDN through MyTax LHDN

You can also check your tax status through the MyTax LHDN portal. This portal allows users to declare their income tax and obtain the latest information related to taxes.

What Is MyTax LHDN?

The MyTax LHDN portal serves as a one-stop information center for taxpayers who already have an e-Filing ID and password. You can use this portal to check:

    • Current tax balance – LHDN tax arrears or credit excess;
    • Date of repayment of the previous year’s credit excess;
    • Employer’s PCB deductions list – limited to the current year and the previous year only;
    • Summary of income tax ledger for the last 10 years;
    • Details of income tax ledger for the last five years;
    • List of CP500 instalments;
    • SPC record.

In addition, the portal also provides access to other services such as ByrHasil, e-Filing LHDN, e-Kemaskini, and others.

5. Discuss Installment Payment for Income Tax

HASil welcomes discussions with any individuals or company representatives regarding the payment of outstanding LHDN taxes through installment payments. Individuals involved in this process are required to provide the following documents:

  • Monthly cash flow statements;
  • Recent bank statements;
  • List of monthly commitments;
  • Proposed installment amount.

Bayar Cukai Tertunggak LHDN untuk Elakkan Tindakan Mahkamah

To sum it up, paying income tax is crucial in helping the Malaysian government to allocate funds for aid to its citizens, as well as for the development and prosperity of the country. Therefore, it is important for you to fulfill your responsibility by paying taxes consistently and avoiding any outstanding tax with LHDN.

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