Check Blacklist Malaysia: 5 Ways to Do Blacklist Check Online

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Check Blacklist Malaysia: 5 Ways to Do Blacklist Check Online

Before making any financing application or traveling abroad, it’s important for you to check your blacklist status. This is to ensure that any loan applications, whether it’s a home loan or car loan, will be approved by the bank. Additionally, this also prevents you from being denied to travel overseas.

1. Check Blacklist Status Online via CTOS Report

CTOS or Credit Tip-Off Service is a private agency that records the credit status or report of an individual. It provides information such as legal actions, business ownership, bankruptcy status, case status, and others.

CTOS reports are widely used by financial institutions in determining the eligibility and current credit status of applicants. If your credit score is unsatisfactory, your name may be blacklisted and it may make it difficult for your bank loan application to be approved. Basically, the debtor’s information in the CTOS report is provided through public sources such as:

  • Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM);
  • National Registration Department (JPN);
  • Department of Insolvency Malaysia (JIM);
  • Legal Proceedings;
  • Newspaper Notices and Government Gazettes.

CTOS Blacklist: How to Check?

In essence, a CTOS report contains five important sections, namely:

    1. Section A – personal information;
    2. Section B – information from Bank Negara and other Government agencies;
    3. Section C – details of company ownership and directors;
    4. Section D – credit information and details from CCRIS, including a list of bounced cheques issued;
    5. Section E – details of outstanding payments to utility companies (telecommunications, electricity, water or PTPTN) and others.

If you do not have a CTOS account yet, you need to register first. You can refer to this guide on how to register for a CTOS account online for more information. After registering:

    1. Log in to your CTOS account using your assigned user ID and password;
    2. Information will be displayed on the Dashboard;
    3. The first complete report will be provided for free. Subsequent reports will be charged based on certain categories starting from RM25.

2. Check Blacklist Status Online through CCRIS

Just like CTOS, CCRIS or Central Credit Reference Information is an agency that records individual credit reports. Borrower credit information will be collected from financial institutions and credit reports will be made through the CCRIS system.

Unlike CTOS, this agency is operated by a government agency, namely the Credit Bureau of Bank Negara Malaysia. Basically, the CCRIS report allows banks or financial institutions to:

  • Check overdue loans or credit;
  • Monitor special observation accounts (related to overdue loans);
  • Identify any credit applications that have been approved or are being processed within 12 months.

In simple terms, CCRIS provides important information and data needed by financial institutions to help them make decisions. Whether your loan application is approved or not depends on the information in this report.

How to Check Blacklist CCRIS

Here are the steps to check your blacklist status with Bank Negara Malaysia online using the eCCRIS website:

    1. Go to the CCRIS website;
    2. If you do not have an account, you need to Register first. You can refer to this guide on how to register for eCCRIS online;
    3. Once done, login using your ID and password;
    4. Navigate to the Search tab, then select Self Search – Individual;
    5. Click on the I Agree checkbox and click the Search Report button;
    6. If you want to download the report, click the Download and Save button to save a copy of the report;
    7. The downloaded report will be password-protected.

check blacklist with ic number

3. Check Blacklist Status with the Road Transport Department of Malaysia

Drivers or vehicle owners who receive a notice or summons from the police but fail to settle the compound within 60 days will be referred to court. If the driver or owner does not appear for the hearing, the owner, vehicle, or driving license will be blacklisted until the case is resolved.

How to Check JPJ Blacklist Status

Here are the steps to check the JPJ blacklist status for your reference and guidance:

    1. Click on the Blacklist Status;
    2. Select the type of blacklist – license or vehicle;
    3. Then, select the source of the blacklist – JPJ or agency;
    4. Enter the ID number (Identification Card) and Vehicle Registration Number;
    5. Enter the Security Code;
    6. Click the Check button;
    7. Done.

4. Checking the Travel Status with the Malaysian Immigration Department

For those planning to travel overseas and wanting to check the status of their travel documents, you can do so through the Electronic Application System of the Malaysian Immigration Department.

How to Check Immigration Blacklist Status (Malaysian Immigration Department)

Here are the steps to check your travel status through the Malaysian Immigration Department:

    1. Visit the official portal of the Immigration Department of Malaysia’s Travel Check System;
    2. Enter your identification card number;
    3. Click the “Semak” button. The results of the check will then be displayed, indicating whether there are any restrictions on your travel or not.

5. Check Blacklist Status at Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Kiosks

Besides checking the blacklist status online, you can also check it physically at Bank Negara Malaysia. You can check it either through the counter or BNM kiosk.

How to Check Blacklist Status at BNM

Here’s a guide on how to check your blacklist status at BNM:

    1. Go to a Bank Negara Malaysia kiosk machine.
    2. Choose your preferred language, either Malay or English.
    3. Select the “Print Report” button.
    4. Insert your identification card into the slot provided and scan your thumbprint.
    5. The verification process will take approximately one minute.
    6. Once completed, you will receive a notification to retrieve your identification card.
    7. Wait until the CCRIS report is printed out.

immigration blacklist check

Hopefully, this guide on how to check blacklist status can help you to make the necessary checks before applying for any loans or before traveling abroad. It is important to check whether your name is in the blacklist to avoid any difficulties, such as having your loan application rejected by the bank.

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