Car Insurance Cover Note Lost? Here Are 5 Ways to Retrieve It

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Car Insurance Cover Note Lost? Here Are 5 Ways to Retrieve It

A car insurance policy or cover note is a comprehensive document provided by insurance companies as proof of insurance coverage. It contains all the relevant information regarding car insurance, such as the policyholder’s name, car engine number, insurance premium price, car’s No Claim Discount (NCD), type of insurance coverage (first party or third party), and more.

5 Easy Ways to Retrieve Car Insurance Cover Notes and Motor Insurance Cover Notes in Malaysia

In essence, a car insurance cover note is required when you want to renew your car insurance or during insurance claim procedures for accidents such as cracked windscreen, flood-damaged cars, fire-damaged cars, and so on.

In other words, a cover note is an important reference document in case of emergencies or accidents. However, what if you lose your car insurance cover note? Can you obtain a replacement?

There are several ways for you to retrieve a copy of your lost car insurance cover note (or motor insurance cover note). Here is a guide for your reference:

1. Lost Car Insurance Cover Note: Consult Your Insurance Agent

If you renew your car insurance through an insurance agent, you can approach the same agent to obtain a copy to replace your lost car insurance cover note.

Obtaining a replacement cover note should not be an issue as insurance agents usually keep their own records.

The insurance agent will provide you with a softcopy of the cover note, and you only need to print the page containing the necessary information.

2. Obtain a Copy of the Lost Car Insurance Cover Note at the Post Office

Additionally, you can obtain a copy of the lost car insurance cover note at the Post Office. You can do this at any Post Office counter.

Simply inform the officer on duty that you want to obtain a copy of your lost cover note. The officer will verify and hand over a copy of the cover note to you.

It is encouraged to retrieve the lost cover note at the Post Office where you previously renewed your insurance for a smoother process.


3. Replace Lost Cover Note Online

In Malaysia, there are many websites that offer car insurance renewal (or car takaful) and road tax services online. This makes it easier for you to retrieve a copy of your cover note.

If you renew your car insurance through online renewal and comparison platforms like Qoala, you can retrieve it by checking your email inbox.

Usually, insurance companies will send a copy of the cover note via email to the designated address during the insurance renewal process. So, there is a possibility that your cover note is still stored there.

4. Contact Customer Service Hotline

If the email containing the cover note is lost or deleted, you can use this method. You can contact the customer service of the insurance company for further assistance.

Simply contact the customer service department of the insurance company and inform them about the loss of your cover note. Usually, the insurance company will carry out a verification process before sending you a new copy.

List of Best Customer Service Hotlines for Car Insurance Cover Notes in Malaysia

Here is a list of customer service hotlines that you can contact if you need assistance:

Car Insurance Cover Note Customer Service Hotline
Allianz Insurance Malaysia 1-800-22-5542
Takaful Ikhlas 1-300-88-252-385
Zurich Malaysia 03-2109-6000
Tune Protect 1-800-88-5753
RHB Insurance Berhad 1-300-22-0007
Generali Malaysia 03-2170-8282
AmGeneral Insurance Berhad 03-2268-3333
Lonpac Insurance Berhad 03-2262-8688
Etiqa Insurance 1-800-88-6491

5. Refer to Insurance Companies for Car Insurance Cover Note Replacement

You can also take the time to visit any nearby car insurance company branches. This will allow you to obtain a copy of the lost insurance policy.

Typically, for cover note replacement procedures, the policy owner needs to be present as the insurance company requires verification and further verification.

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Renew Comprehensive Car Insurance at Qoala for Peace of Mind

There are many ways you can obtain a replacement car insurance cover note. If you find yourself in this situation, hopefully, this article can provide useful insights to help you obtain a new insurance policy copy.

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You can get the best car insurance in Malaysia with an easy and fast process at attractive and reasonable prices.

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