Car Engine Overhaul: 5 Signs You Must be Aware of

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Car Engine Overhaul: 5 Signs You Must be Aware of

If you are facing issues such as erratic car engine performance, rising temperature, or white smoke coming out of your car, you may consider taking your car to a nearby workshop for immediate inspection and maintenance. If left unattended, serious engine damage can occur, necessitating an engine overhaul. When it comes to engine overhauls, it can be considered a nightmare for most vehicle owners. The cost of an engine overhaul is not insignificant and can sometimes amount to thousands of ringgit, not to mention the time required to complete the process.

Car Engine Overhaul: 4 Important Things You Need to Know About Engine Overhauls

The process of an engine overhaul or engine disassembly should be carried out if your car shows certain signs. However, it is advisable to seek advice from a trusted professional mechanic to avoid being deceived. This is because the engine overhaul process involves complex and challenging procedures, and even small mistakes during the process can result in higher costs.

What is a Car Engine Overhaul?

Generally, an engine overhaul refers to the comprehensive restoration process of a car engine. It involves disassembling the engine and its components to identify the causes of damage and perform direct repairs on the involved engine parts. In other words, the engine components are disassembled, cleaned, repaired, and then reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle. Hence, this process is considered intricate and requires a high level of expertise since errors during reassembly can lead to more severe engine damage.

Usually, an overhaul is performed when there are signs such as:

  • The car’s temperature exceeds the normal level;
  • Any engine component is broken, cracked, or leaking;
  • The timing belt is broken;
  • Decreased engine performance and power;
  • Engine oil level decreases without significant leakage from gaskets;
  • Engine vibration.

Engine Disassembly Process: Top Overhaul, Full Engine Overhaul

A thorough inspection is typically conducted on the car engine before deciding whether a top overhaul or a full engine overhaul is necessary, depending on the extent of the engine damage.

Top Engine Overhaul

Refers to the maintenance process of the upper part of the car engine without removing the entire engine from the vehicle body. In other words, only half or just the cylinder head is opened. This usually involves replacing or repairing engine components such as the cylinder head, cylinder screws, valves, rocker arms, valve seals, head gaskets, and other related engine components.

Full Engine Overhaul

Refers to the process of completely removing and disassembling the entire car engine from the vehicle body. It usually involves the replacement and replacement of engine parts that are difficult to access from outside the engine. If a full overhaul is performed, more engine parts such as main bearings, piston rings, and so on, will be replaced. The cost for a full overhaul is typically higher compared to a top overhaul.

Car Engine Restoration

Engine restoration refers to the complete rebuilding process of the engine by replacing all screws, breakers, and other engine components. Generally, restoration work like this can be more expensive. For example, the restoration cost for Proton Wira, Iswara, and Saga can reach up to RM5,000. Restoration work is usually recommended for classic cars or old cars that are intended to be kept for a long period. However, if you intend to sell your old car, it is not recommended to restore the engine as it may not be cost-effective.

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5 Signs Your Car Engine Needs an Overhaul

Generally, cars need to be maintained after certain intervals to identify any occurring damages that can affect engine performance and function. Therefore, you are advised to always be aware of any warnings or signs in your car that may ‘communicate’ with you about the issues it is facing. Qoala lists the following signs that indicate the need for an engine overhaul for your reference:

1. White Smoke from the Car

If you notice white smoke coming out of your car, it indicates a problem with your car’s engine. There is a high possibility that engine oil has entered the internal combustion chamber of your car. This can occur due to worn-out or damaged piston rings.

2. Engine Overheating, Increased Temperature

If the coolant level is sufficient and other related components are in good condition, but your car’s engine still overheats, there is likely a problem within the engine. The best course of action is to perform a comprehensive diagnosis to determine the root cause of the damage.

Typically, sudden and frequent temperature spikes in the car indicate a leakage problem in the engine that affects the compression ratio. This is often caused by a damaged cylinder head gasket, which leads to a reduction in radiator water and its entry into the combustion chamber.

3. Engine Consuming Black Oil

If you frequently need to top up black oil in your car, there is a high possibility that your car’s engine is facing a problem that requires immediate attention. Excessive consumption of black oil by the engine is one of the signs that indicate the need for an engine overhaul.

This is because engine components such as pistons, valves, and others may be damaged due to insufficient engine oil. To determine if the engine is consuming oil, regularly check the engine oil level using the dipstick to assess the actual oil level in your car.

4. Underpower Issues, Low Pressure

Another sign that the car’s engine needs an overhaul is when it experiences underpower issues. If during inspection, the spark plug and ignition coil are in good condition but the engine performance is still underpowered, an engine overhaul may be necessary. This could be due to damaged piston rings and engine block. Consequently, the engine’s pressure becomes low and cannot generate sufficient power.

5. Fouled Spark Plug

Engine oil leakage can cause deposits to form on the car’s spark plug. A fouled spark plug cannot perform its function optimally, thereby affecting the ignition performance. Usually, signs of deteriorating engine performance can be identified through the following indications:

  • Engine starts to run unevenly, and performance declines.
  • Strange noises coming from the engine.
  • Engine jerking while accelerating.

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Cost of Car Engine Overhaul

The overhaul process involves various complex procedures and mechanical work. This is because each engine problem requires different methods and solutions. In summary, the cost of a car overhaul is determined based on the services performed during the engine overhaul process. For local cars, the price of a top overhaul is typically around RM800-RM3000, while the cost of a full overhaul can reach up to RM5000. If many engine components are replaced or the process takes longer, the cost of the car engine overhaul may also increase.

Engine overhaul work indeed requires a significant cost, as well as the proper skills and knowledge to prevent unexpected expenses. We hope this information helps you identify signs of the need for an engine overhaul to avoid further serious engine damage. Additionally, if you want to purchase the best car insurance for your vehicle, visit the Qoala website for more information. Qoala is the best car insurance platform in Malaysia, offering the best insurance rates with easy, efficient, and fast services.

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