5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Life Insurance Malaysia

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Life Insurance Malaysia

In a surprising revelation by the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), it has been unveiled that over half of our nation’s population is without life insurance coverage. This statistic is reflected in Malaysia’s stagnant life insurance penetration rate, persistently hovering around 54 percent for the past five years.

Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance Malaysia

Getting your first life insurance plan might seem overwhelming. You have to think about costs, what it covers, who it benefits, and more. Many people delay getting life insurance because it seems complicated, but here are some tips to make those process easier.

1. Know Why You Need It

At certain stages of life, you might need life insurance. However, it’s important to understand why you want it in the first place. One significant purpose for having life insurance is to ensure the safety and security of both yourself and your loved ones. This becomes crucial in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

For instance, if there is someone who relies on you for financial support, such as a spouse or a family member you care for, this becomes a good reason to consider getting life insurance.

Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance Malaysia

2. Understand the Basics of Life Insurance

In Malaysia, two common types of insurance are term life insurance and whole life insurance. You can determine the type of policy that aligns with your needs and costs before making a decision.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance Malaysia offers straightforward coverage for a specific time at a low cost. This plan doesn’t accumulate cash value, however, the full sum assured is paid in case of a valid death, disability, or critical illness claim. Premiums usually rise with age.

This type of policy is ideal for affordable basic coverage, such as to protect children until they achieve financial independence.

Whole Life Insurance

On the other hand, whole life insurance Malaysia provides coverage for your entire life until your passing. It differs from term policies as it builds a cash value from a “participating fund”. This cash value grows over time, increasing your sum assured or granting benefits like maturity bonuses.

Life insurance premiums are typically fixed at the age of entry, so purchasing the policy earlier results in lower premiums.

Before signing any agreement, do your research! It’s a significant life decision, so take your time before committing to any insurance choice.

3. Select the Right Insurance Plan

Everyone has different needs. It’s important to sit down and think about what matters most to you – paying off the mortgage, your child’s education, or saving for retirement. Before you purchase life insurance, make sure you understand the coverage you require. For life insurance, it’s suggested to choose coverage that is ten times your annual income.

If you earn RM50,000 per year, consider RM500,000 as your coverage amount. If something unexpected happens and you can’t work anymore, the insurance payout will provide financial support. This assistance is crucial for you or your dependents while you explore other sources of income.

4. Know Your Budget

When considering insurance, assess it based on your needs and financial capacity. Take a close look at your finances to determine how much you can comfortably afford to pay each month for your insurance coverage.

Allocate an amount you can manage and choose a life insurance plan that fits within that budget. Ideally, your monthly insurance premium should not exceed 10 percent of your monthly income. In Malaysia, the monthly payments for life insurance are influenced by various factors:


Younger individuals often pay lower premiums.

Family Medical History

A family history of chronic illness may lead to higher premiums.

Overall Health

Having poorer health is likely to result in higher insurance premiums.


Smokers, unfortunately, face higher life insurance premiums.


Insurance premiums for women are typically lower than those for men.


Riskier habits can also contribute to higher premium amounts.

5. Choose the Best Insurance Company

With numerous insurance providers in the market, selecting the right one can be challenging. In addition to comparing life insurance premium quotes and coverage, it’s essential to consider the financial standing and reputation of the insurer.

Best Life Insurance Malaysia

Seek Guidance from a Financial Expert, Explore Qoala for Your Life Insurance Needs

When it comes to life insurance Malaysia, seeking guidance from a financial expert is crucial. Ask insurance providers or agents about anything you don’t understand. They’ll consider your finances and needs to assist you in selecting the best life insurance and the right insurer.

Additionally, you can also explore options with platforms like Qoala. Qoala can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific life insurance needs. Making informed decisions with professional advice ensures that you secure the right life insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones, offering peace of mind for the future.

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