Etiqa Motor Takaful: Types, Claims Process, and Renewal

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Etiqa Motor Takaful: Types, Claims Process, and Renewal

Don’t underestimate insurance even if you feel that insurance is not important for your life. Insurance may not be important now, but it is important and useful for the future in case any accidents happen that could cost you a lot of money.

What Is Etiqa Motor Takaful and Insurance?

Insurance is the best thing you can get to help you in times of trouble. Nowadays, there are many insurance companies offering conventional or takaful insurance, so you can choose the best insurance that suits your ability. For Muslims, it is encouraged to buy takaful because it has no elements of riba, gharar, and maisir. One of the necessary insurances is Motor Takaful Insurance. This time we will discuss Etiqa Motor Takaful that you can buy. So, plan your finances by buying insurance at Qoala.

Do you know what Etiqa Motor Takaful is? Etiqa Motor Takaful is a type of insurance that provides protection against any loss, damage, or loss that occurs to your vehicle. You should know that Etiqa Motor Takaful is different from Etiqa Motor Insurance because takaful is based on Sharia law, where a sum of money will be donated to the common fund in the form of a joint contribution (tabarru’), and you need to make an agreement or aqad. If it is Etiqa Motor Insurance, you need to pay a insurance premium each month according to the protection plan you choose from the Etiqa insurance company.

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Why Choose Etiqa Motor Takaful?

Why do you think you should choose Etiqa Motor Takaful as one of the best protection tools for your vehicle?

There are many reasons why you should choose Etiqa Motor Takaful, one of which is that Etiqa is a trusted insurance company that has offered many takaful protection plans for your vehicle. Thus, many Malaysians have obtained protection under Etiqa because they trust the company’s ability to handle insurance claims professionally and efficiently.

Not only that, Etiqa has also shown remarkable performance and dedication throughout the years, especially in providing the best protection for their customers. Furthermore, Etiqa has become a strong and reputable insurance company in Malaysia, and this is what makes Malaysians choose to get motor takaful services from Etiqa.

In this post-modern era, with just a tap of your finger, you can get Etiqa insurance services anytime and anywhere you are.

Types of Etiqa Motor Takaful Products and Prices for Each Product

Etiqa is one of the best insurance companies that you can consider for getting motorcycle takaful. However, you need to take the initiative to read through the motorcycle takaful plans offered by Etiqa so that you can choose the plan that suits your financial capability. Below we have listed the Etiqa motorcycle takaful products that are available for you to choose.

1. Car Insurance and Takaful Comprehensive

The takaful products offered by Etiqa that you can consider to protect your car are the Insurance and Takaful Car plans.

Car Takaful Comprehensive

This takaful plan provides coverage for third-party injury or death claims, third-party property damage claims, as well as accidents, fire or theft involving your car. The Shariah concept used for the purchase of this product is Wakalah, which involves representation, and Tabarru, which means donation.

The contribution amount you need to pay for this product varies depending on the amount of coverage, make and model of your car, your age, previous claims experience, No Claim Discount eligibility, and additional benefits if you wish to add to the existing benefits. In addition, you will also be charged for service tax (6% of the contribution) and stamp duty of RM10.00.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

If you subscribe to this comprehensive car insurance plan, you will be provided with insurance coverage against third-party claims for injury or death, damage to third-party property, and non-intentional accidents or damage caused by fire or if your car is stolen. The coverage period for this plan is one year and you must renew your insurance policy each year to avoid any problems.

The price for this comprehensive car insurance plan also varies depending on the amount you insure, the make and model of your car, your age, your past claims experience, and your eligibility for No Claim Discount. In addition, you can also choose other additional benefits you want. Moreover, you will also have to pay other fees such as a 10% discount given to customers on the premium, a 6% service tax on the premium, and a stamp duty of RM 10.00.

2. Comprehensive Motorcycle Takaful and Insurance

For motorcycle riders, you can subscribe to Etiqa’s Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance and Takaful plan. There are two types of plans offered: Motorcycle Takaful and Motorcycle Insurance.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Takaful

This plan offers takaful protection against loss or damage to your motorcycle. It also provides liability coverage for third-party bodily injury or death and third-party property damage. This product uses the Wakalah concept, which means representation, and Tabarru’, which means donation. Wakalah allows you to appoint an insurance company to help you invest and manage the Takaful General Fund.

Tabarru’ means that you agree to donate and contribute to help other participants according to agreed terms. The contribution you need to pay to have this product varies depending on the amount insured, make and model of your motorcycle, your age, past claims experience, No Claim Discount eligibility, and if you choose any other additional benefits.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

This policy provides insurance protection to you against loss or damage to your motorcycle, liability to third parties for bodily injury or death and damage to third party property. You must renew this insurance policy every year as the coverage provided is only for a period of one year.

The premium amount that you need to pay to have this policy differs depending on the amount insured, make and model of your motorcycle, your age, past claims experience, No-Claim Discount eligibility and any additional benefits you choose. There are several fees and charges that you need to pay such as the customer discount (10% of premium), service tax (6% of premium), and stamp duty (RM 10.00).

Insurance Benefits

Every insurance policy, whether conventional or Takaful, offers many benefits to you. You can learn about the main benefits offered for each policy by visiting Etiqa’s website or reading the product disclosure sheet provided by Etiqa. Here, we help to list some of the benefits that you can get if you own or renew insurance with Etiqa Insurance Company.

1. Instant 10% Rebate during Renewal

If you want to renew your insurance, it is highly recommended to do it online. Why? Because you will get a rebate of 10% on your NCD (No Claim Discount). NCD is a reward given by insurance companies in the form of a discount to car owners who have not made any claims within one year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and a maximum of 5 years. So NCD is very useful in reducing your insurance premium. But don’t forget, it only applies if you renew online.

2. Protection for All Drivers

Not only that, if you have an Etiqa car insurance and takaful policy, protection is not only given to you but also to all drivers allowed by you. The best part is, you do not have to pay an additional premium to protect the drivers who drive your vehicle (allowed). This protection is automatic, where as soon as you take this plan, drivers allowed by you will also be protected.

3. Loss or Damage

In addition to the main benefits such as the 10% rebate that will be given, Etiqa also offers benefits that protect injury and bodily harm to third parties caused by your vehicle. Not only that, loss or damage to the third party’s property will also be covered by this policy, and another benefit is loss or damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft or accidents will also be covered.

How to Make a Claim with Etiqa Motor Takaful/Insurance

If you already have insurance from Etiqa, you should also know how to make a claim when an unfortunate event occurs. Making a claim with Etiqa insurance is very easy.

Here are the steps to make a claim so that you have a better understanding. However, it is recommended that you read each insurance policy provided as the information is more detailed.

Basic Steps to Make a Claim

  • Contact the claims careline at 1-300-88-1007;
  • Email your claim to Etiqa at;
  • You can also send a WhatsApp message regarding your claim to +60327804677 or scan the provided QR code;
  • You can also make a claim through the Etiqa Auto Assist app.

Claiming from Your Own Insurance Company

There are two things that users can claim from their own insurance company. Firstly, if the accident is caused by your own fault, you must make a “Own Damage” claim to your insurance company. However, if the accident is not caused by your fault, you can make a “Knock-for-Knock Own Damage” claim. The “Knock-for-Knock” claim can benefit the user in saving time as the claim is settled faster. The second benefit is that you will not lose your No Claim Discount and can claim the excess from the other insurance company.

To make a claim, you must submit several important documents to your insurance company such as:

  • Complete claim form;
  • Copy of original police report;
  • Copy of policyholder and driver’s ID card and driving license;
  • Copy of vehicle ownership certificate;
  • Pictures of the accident and damage to your vehicle;
  • Insurance policy document indicating which party has been compounded for the traffic offence (bring along).

Third Party Property Damage Claim

You can also make a third-party property damage claim if the damage to your vehicle or property is a result of another party’s fault and you have suffered financial losses such as CART (compensation assessed repair time).

Here are the steps to make a third-party property damage claim:

  1. Send the damaged vehicle to the insurance company’s panel workshop.
  2. Appoint an insurance coordinator to assess the cost of the vehicle damage.
  3. Provide documents to the other party’s insurance company, such as a copy of the original police report, the policyholder and driver’s identification card and driving license.
  4. Submit a copy of the vehicle ownership certificate, adjuster report, repair bill, accident photos, and the insurance policy document indicating which party has been compounded for the traffic offence.

List of Things Not Covered by Every Motorcycle and Car Insurance Plan

When you have motorcycle or car insurance, you may assume that you can make claims for everything undesirable. However, in reality, you need to know that not all things that cause damage to your motorcycle or car will be covered by the insurance policy you have taken.

Comprehensive Car Takaful

For this policy, there are certain losses that are not covered by Comprehensive Car Takaful, such as:

  • Your own death or bodily injury due to a vehicle accident;
  • Your liability to claims from passengers in your vehicle;
  • Losses, damages, or liabilities arising from natural disasters such as floods, storms, or landslides; and
  • Indirect losses, depreciation, wear and tear, rust and corrosion, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, failures or breakages, equipment or computer program malfunctions.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This policy is also similar to comprehensive car takaful policy where it also does not cover certain specific losses such as:

  • Your own death or bodily injury caused by a vehicle accident;
  • Your liability towards claims from passengers in your vehicle;
  • Loss, damage or liability arising from natural disasters such as floods, storms or landslides;
  • Consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, rust and corrosion, mechanical or electronic breakdown, failure or fracture, equipment or computer program failure to function

Additional note: However, the list provided is not exhaustive, you need to refer to the takaful certificate for a complete list of exclusions under the policy.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Takaful

The Comprehensive Motorcycle Takaful plan also does not cover certain losses that occur to your motorcycle, such as:

  • Your own death or bodily injury due to a motorcycle accident;
  • Your liability towards claims from your motorcycle passengers;
  • Losses, damages or liabilities that occur due to natural disasters such as floods, storms or landslides;
  • Loss of your motorcycle.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

The policy also contains several exclusions where it does not cover certain losses, such as:

  • Your own death or bodily injury resulting from a motorcycle accident
  • Your liability for claims by your motorcycle passengers
  • Loss, damage or liability arising from natural disasters, such as floods, storms or landslides
  • Loss of your motorcycle

Additional note: The lists for both motorcycle takaful and insurance are not exhaustive, and you should refer to the full list of exclusions under both policies.

Benefits of Renewing Takaful Through Etiqa

1. Highest Towing Millage/Free 200KM

The main benefit of renewing your insurance online is that you will receive free 200KM towing service from Etiqa. It is worth it to take an insurance policy under Etiqa because most other insurance and takaful companies only provide 100 to 150KM towing service to their customers. So, here you can see that Etiqa’s motor takaful towing is a company that provides a high towing distance.

2. 24-Hour Emergency Road Assistance

The benefit of having motor takaful is that Etiqa provides 24-hour emergency assistance on the road throughout the policy period. You can contact the Claims Careline if you encounter any accidents on the road anytime and anywhere. This assistance can give you peace of mind when facing any problems while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. This is because the emergency assistance provided by Etiqa is available 24 hours a day.

3. Driver’s Name Not Required/Free

In addition to that, renewing your insurance with Etiqa also provides additional benefits such as coverage for all drivers. You do not need to name each driver allowed by you as they will be automatically covered by Etiqa without any additional charges. This is a great benefit that you can get when renewing your insurance under Etiqa as there are other insurance companies that charge an additional fee of RM10 for each additional driver’s name.

4. Fast Claim Approval

If you want to purchase or renew your insurance, Etiqa offers the opportunity to do so quickly and easily online. By entering basic details such as your identification number, vehicle registration number, postcode, and the amount you want to insure, you can renew your insurance in just five minutes. If you make an insurance claim, Etiqa will approve your claim within 30 minutes for accident claims under RM 30,000 at all Etiqa Premier Workshops.

5. Agreed Value

Another benefit is that the claim value will be paid according to the agreed value between you and the company. Besides being fast and easy, Etiqa values the welfare of their customers by not using the term “indemnity value” to pay your claims. “Indemnity value” is when the insurance company pays your claim based on the market value of your vehicle, which can cause losses for you as the market value of your car decreases every year.

6. No Excess for All Claims

If you buy an insurance policy under Etiqa, no excess will be charged for all your comprehensive personal protection claims, but it only applies to drivers aged 21 and above. If you don’t know, excess is the amount that the policyholder has to bear for each claim approved by your insurance company. So, it is worth taking an insurance policy under Etiqa because no excess is charged for those aged 21 and above.

etiqa motorcycle takaful

How to Check Insurance Application Status and Verify Personal Information

Before you obtain an insurance policy from Etiqa Company, you can download the application form and other important documents in advance on the Etiqa website according to the type of insurance and takaful you want to obtain. For example, you can download the general takaful application form to obtain protection from Etiqa.

After you have made the insurance and takaful application, you can check whether your application status has been approved or not. Here we will share how to find out whether your application has been approved or not. One way is through the application:


One way to check your car insurance with any insurance company online is through the I-Search application. This application provides information related to insurance companies, policy periods, types of coverage, and more, all online. The steps to check your car insurance using the I-Search application are as follows:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on I-Search
  3. Enter all the required information in the display such as vehicle reg.No, Name, Email, Confirm Email, and Transaction Credit, then click the enquire button
  4. Also click on the terms and conditions section
  5. After that, all the information you are looking for will be displayed, such as the policy period and the insurance company you have obtained.

As for your personal information, Etiqa takes great care to protect your personal information from being disclosed to irresponsible parties in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Any personal information you provide, such as health information to Etiqa, is with your own consent and without coercion. You are also allowed by Etiqa to access your personal information by filling out the Access Request Form available at all Etiqa branches. To obtain the Access Request Form, you can also contact Customers Service Centers or send an email to However, you will be charged an additional fee to process the data you want.

Awards and Recognition

Etiqa has received numerous awards and recognition for its excellent products and insurance services throughout the year. There are also many awards received related to motor insurance and takaful, such as the Motor Takaful Award by IBanding in 2017/18. The award was received as Etiqa managed to become the best motor takaful operator in Malaysia that year.

In the same year of 2017/18, Etiqa also won the Motor Insurance Award by IBanding for being the best motor insurance company in Malaysia. Every award and recognition received by Etiqa is evidence that the company is capable of providing excellent services, especially in ensuring customer satisfaction in Malaysia.

Not only that, in 2019/2020, Etiqa successfully won the iBanding Award as the Best Motor and Family Takaful Company in Malaysia. Now you know that insurance is something that can bring goodness in your life.

Many insurance companies in Malaysia, such as Etiqa, offer takaful plans to customers. So, you no longer have an excuse to say that insurance contains elements of riba, maisir or gharar. This is because you can switch to a takaful plan that is based on Shariah law.

Do not regret later, especially when an unexpected tragedy occurs, just because you didn’t get insurance. Therefore, get insurance as a protection unit, especially for your vehicle, as soon as possible.

Also, if you are looking for the best car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, personal accident insurance in Malaysia, visit the Qoala website for more info. Compare prices and benefits from some of the best and most popular insurance companies in Malaysia with a simple, fast and safe process.

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