11 Best Investment in Malaysia for Beginners 2024

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11 Best Investment in Malaysia for Beginners 2024

For Malaysians looking to invest their hard-earned money, there are many wide array of best investment in Malaysia. From the thriving real estate market with potential for rental income and capital appreciation to the dynamic stock market that provides avenues for long-term wealth creation, there are ample options to suit different risk profiles and investment goals.

Low Risk vs High Risk Investment: Best Investment in Malaysia

There are three type of investments that are available in Malaysia that can be ranging from lowest risk to highest risk investments. The type of investment that we need also is depending on our own affordability to take up the risk. In this article, we will explore all three types of best investment in Malaysia.

Low Risk Investments

Low-risk investments are characterized by a reduced likelihood of capital loss in comparison to higher-risk investments. These investment options prioritize the preservation of capital rather than seeking high returns.

1. Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit account is a banking option that enables individuals to save money for a specific duration, such as three months, six months, or 12 months, based on their personal requirements. Fixed deposit investments serve as a viable option for emergency needs or short-term financial goals like making a down payment for a house or covering educational expenses. However, they are typically less suitable for long-term investment purposes.

2. Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) and Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM)

ASB and ASM are unit trust funds that are managed by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad. ASB is exclusively available to bumiputera individuals, whereas ASM welcomes both bumiputera and non-bumiputera investors.

Investing in both ASB and ASM offers several advantages, including minimal risk of incurring losses and the opportunity to receive consistent annual dividend returns.

3. Tabung Haji

The objective of the Tabung Haji investment is to generate competitive returns while minimizing risk. By investing in Tabung Haji, individuals have the opportunity to receive yearly returns in the form of dividends and bonuses. It is famous among Malaysians and one of the best investment in Malaysia.

The exact percentage of dividends and bonuses is depends on Tabung Haji’s financial performance for the specific year. Consequently, it is important to note that the percentage of dividends and bonuses may fluctuate annually.

best investment in Malaysia

Medium Risk Investments

Medium-risk investments are characterized by a moderate level of risk, which may present the possibility of higher returns compared to low-risk investments. However, it is important to note that medium-risk investments also carry an increased likelihood of potential losses.

4. Unit Trust

Unit trust investment is a well-received form of collective investment instrument in Malaysia. In this context, “collective” signifies that investors’ funds are consolidated into a trust fund. The trust fund is then overseen by skilled and accredited fund managers operating under Unit Trust Management Companies.

As a result, investors are not directly involved in the stock market but instead purchase units within a stock fund portfolio.

5. Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle where a professional fund manager oversees a pooled sum of money. Operating as a trust, it gathers funds from multiple investors with a shared investment objective and allocates them into various assets such as equities, bonds, money market instruments, and other securities.

6. Robo-advisors

A robo-advisor, refers to a digital platform that offers automated financial planning and investment services driven by algorithms, often requiring minimal human intervention.

When engaging with a robo-advisor, you are typically prompted to complete an online survey where you provide details about your financial situation and future objectives.

The platform utilizes this information to provide tailored advice and automatically execute investment decisions on your behalf.

7. Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are investment vehicles traded on the stock exchange that pool together funds from multiple investors. These funds typically replicate the performance of market indexes or specific sectors, enabling investors to gain access to a diverse range of stocks through a single purchase.

By investing in ETFs, individuals can benefit from risk diversification and the flexibility of trading them on the stock exchange.

8. Property Investment

Real estate investment is a widely best investment in Malaysia and is recognized as a long-term asset. It encompasses the acquisition, possession, and administration of real estate properties with the aim of generating income or profit through rental returns and potential appreciation in property value.

There are several types of real estate investment options available in Malaysia, including residential properties, commercial properties, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

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High Risk Investments

High-risk investments are investments that come with a greater probability of experiencing significant fluctuations in value or the potential for substantial loss of capital. These investments often involve higher volatility, uncertainty, and the potential for higher returns.

It is important to thoroughly research and carefully assess the risks involved before engaging in high-risk investments, as they can result in substantial financial losses.

9.  Stocks

Stocks represent an investment whereby individuals hold a portion of ownership in the company that has issued the stocks. In essence, stocks serve as a means to accumulate wealth, providing ordinary individuals with an opportunity to invest in highly prosperous companies globally.

However, the value of stocks can experience significant and rapid fluctuations, often occurring within short timeframes, such as minutes or hours. Due to the high volatility of the stock market, even if you have a long-term investment horizon, you may still witness substantial fluctuations in the value of your investments over the years.

10. Futures

Futures are financial contracts based on derivatives that impose obligations on parties to either buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price and future date. Irrespective of the prevailing market price at the expiration date, the buyer is required to purchase or the seller is obligated to sell the underlying asset at the predetermined price.

11. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency refers to digital money that is safeguarded by blockchain technology, offering a secure and decentralized form of currency. When it comes to cryptocurrency investing, there are various approaches to consider, such as directly purchasing cryptocurrencies, investing in crypto funds, or supporting crypto-related companies.

To buy cryptocurrencies, you can utilize crypto exchanges or specific broker-dealers that facilitate crypto transactions. It is crucial to be mindful of transaction fees, as they can vary significantly across different cryptocurrencies.

It’s important to note that investing in cryptocurrency carries inherent risks, so it is advisable to avoid investing more money than you can afford to lose.

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Choose the Right Investment To Maximize Your Financial Potential

Hence, you can find the best investment in Malaysia offers a diverse range of investment opportunities that cater to different risk profiles and financial goals. Whether it’s seeking long-term growth or generating stable returns, exploring the best investment in Malaysia can be a rewarding endeavor for investors looking to maximize their financial potential.

From low to high risk strategies, you have to choose the right investment strategies to minimize your losses. It is essential to conduct thorough research, consider personal risk tolerance, and seek professional advice to make informed investment decisions that align with individual goals and objectives.

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