ASNB Announces ASB Dividend 2022, Check Your ASB Online

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ASNB Announces ASB Dividend 2022, Check Your ASB Online

ASNB has announced the ASB 2022 dividend rate of 4.60 percent along with a bonus rate of 0.50 percent for the last financial year 31 December 2022. As an account holder, you can check your ASB account online to find out the amount of money you have generated this year. This article will share how to check ASB dividends online, how to register ASB online and how to withdraw ASB money.

ASB Dividend Rate 4.60 Percent, Higher Than Last Year

As you may already know, this ASB is low risk and the potential loss is very slim compared to other investments out there. Every year, it is almost certain that your ASB account holder will get an annual dividend return. Although the amount of the dividend percentage varies and is not fixed every year, investors can still enjoy a profitable return.

From 1990 until 2021, ASB has given dividend returns between five percent and 14 percent. As for 2022, ASB’s dividend rate will still provide consistent returns for investors. The table below shows the return of ASB dividends and bonuses from 2017 until the latest year, 2022.

Year  ASB Dividend (Sen) + Bonus (Sen)
2017 7.00 + 1.25
2018 6.50 + 0.50
2019 5.0 + 0.50
2020 4.25 + 0.75 (for the first 30 thousand units)
2021 4.25 + 0.75
2022 4.60 + 0.50 (for the first 30 thousand units)

With MyASNB, you can check your latest ASB balance or dividend anytime and wherever you are. How to check ASB dividends is as follows:

  1. Log in to the MyASNB portal or app.
  2. Click the ‘My Account’ menu.
  3. Your balance amount will be displayed.
  4. Click ‘Statement’ to download the latest or previous year’s statement.

MyASNB Login: Online ASB Registration & Balance / Dividend Check

What is ASB? Amanah Saham Bumiputera or ASB is one of the best types of low-risk investments that are only open to Bumiputeras. The risk of loss investing in ASB is very low and you can get dividend returns and even bonuses every year.

If you compare ASB with other investment instruments such as stock investment, gold investment, NFT, Robo-Advisor or high-risk crypto currency, it is completely inappropriate. The concept is like this, the risk is high, the return can also be high but at the same time the loss can also be high if you get the strategy wrong. You should compare this ASB with fixed savings. Instead of keeping money in fixed deposits, it is better to keep money in ASB funds.

For your information, this ASB has a maximum savings limit of up to RM200,000. This means that investors can only increase their investment amount up to this limit. However, the fund has no limit on the account value. Therefore, the capital gains stored in the ASB account may exceed RM200,000. Investors are free to determine the amount to invest at any time and can top up or subscribe to additional units through selected ASB agents.

How to Register ASB Online Through the MyASNB Portal (For Existing Account Owners)

MyASNB is a portal that facilitates the affairs of Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad users, you can do everything online or online with just a smartphone or laptop. With this platform, you can register, check balances/dividends and make withdrawals. For you to start your journey as an ASB investor, first of all you can register an ASNB Account with an initial investment as low as RM10.

You need to ensure that you have updated all personal information before you use this myASNB service. Personal information such as mailing address, mobile phone number and email address can be updated through any ASNB branch or authorized ASNB agent such as selected banks or post offices. You can go straight to the counter and express your desire to update your information because you want to use ASB online.

After you have finished registering, you can now register at myASNB and use the ASB online service. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the myASNB website
  • Click “Register here” Read and understand the terms and conditions.
  • Fill in your myASNB account details.
  • Create your account and specify a username
  • The registration process is complete and you will be asked to create a First Time Login using a temporary password.
  • Click ‘Log in’ on the page that displays your temporary password. Enter User ID followed by temporary password.
  • Update and change passwords for security purposes. Then, log in again using the new password.


asb online withdrawal

How to Open an ASNB Online Account (New Account Registration)

You do not need to pay an advance fee (0%) when you want to start investing in ASB. This means more of your money goes to investments, instead of fees. In addition, the ASB Fund is only charged an annual management fee of 0.35%. In contrast, other equity unit trust funds can incur around 1.5% in annual management fees. In terms of security, ASB always ensures that investors’ money is always safe. So you don’t have to worry if you plan to start investing with this ASB.

For the first time registration, make sure you have the identification card with you. You can register through the application only:

  • Download the myASNB app on the App Store, Google Play, or App Gallery.
  • Fill in the identity card details and also the bank account details.
  • Create an identity verification process. You will be asked to take a photo of the front and back of the ID card.
  • Create an account by setting an ID and password.
  • Get verified and you can start investing.

How to Withdraw ASB Money Online?

You can withdraw your ASB money at any time for specific purposes through the myASNB portal or the myASNB application. Liquidity, money at ASB is easily accessible. The meaning of liquidity here is whether the money that has been invested is easy to take back or not. For ASB, yes, your money is easily accessible. But you will be subject to some conditions:

  • Minimum withdrawal limit of RM100 for each transaction
  • The maximum online withdrawal limit is RM2,000 per month from any ASNB unit trust account.

You need to have a myASNB account to withdraw your ASB money online. For those who already have an account, please refer to the ASB withdrawal (resale) guide, follow the following steps:

  1. Log In to your MyASNB account through the portal or application.
  2. Click portfolio on the menu section,
  3. Then click ‘Transaction’ on the unit trust you want and select ‘Resale’.
  4. Make sure your bank information is correct and click Next.
  5. Fill in the information and confirm for withdrawal.
  6. Enter the amount, check the declaration box and click Next.
  7. Double check the bank details and make sure all the information is correct.
  8. Click the TAC request, fill it out and click Next. Then your transaction is successful!

How to Withdraw ASB at ASNB Counters, Banks and Post Offices

You can also do physical production. If you want to withdraw a larger amount and receive money faster, you can go to the nearest ASNB branch or ASB agents. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the counter and inform that you want to make a withdrawal.
  2. You will be given a unit resale form and you need to fill in the information completely.
  3. Take the queue number and wait your turn.
  4. You need to submit your IC for self-verification.
  5. The withdrawal process is done and completed.


withdraw asb online

ASB Investment Risk

In conclusion, this ASB investment is a low-risk investment option that you should consider. You can consider this ASB as an alternative deposit. Maybe for now, you just keep money in the bank. If you keep in ASB, there will almost certainly be a consistent ASB dividend return every year. In addition to saving your money every month in ASB, you can also make an ASB loan. For more information you can refer to the article about ASB Financing here.

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