Buying a Subsale House? 4 Types of House Defects You Must Check

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Buying a Subsale House? 4 Types of House Defects You Must Check

What are some of the common house defects to look out for? The current condition or damages of a house are important aspects to consider before purchasing a subsale house. Whether you are exploring the housing market or considering buying your first home, you need to examine the condition of the house. This is important to avoid buying a severely damaged house that requires high renovation costs.

Consider These Important Factors When Buying a Subsale House to Avoid Serious Home Damage

The purchase of a subsale house is generally not subject to the benefits of the contract liability period or property defect period. This means that subsale house buyers cannot make claims against property developers if the house purchased is not in good condition or is unsatisfactory.

Therefore, the process of buying a subsale house is slightly different from the process of buying an under-construction house such as affordable housing. This is because you need to carefully inspect the condition of the house you want to buy before signing any home loan agreement.

1. House Defects: Water Issues

You need to pay serious attention if the subsale house you want to buy has water damage issues. Water problems can not only affect the ceiling or floor of the house but can also cause damage to furniture and appliances in the house.
Before buying a subsale house, focus on the following issues when inspecting this damage:

House Floors

The floor is the largest space in your house. In other words, it is more susceptible to damage or wear and tear. Moreover, floor damage will get worse if you drag furniture or drop heavy objects on the floor.

Therefore, you need to consider the type of house floor you are buying. The house floor must have quality and durability features. For example, if your house floor is made of wood, it may be susceptible to wood rot or termite attacks.

A strong and well-maintained floor can indirectly increase the resale value of your home.

House Damage: Bathroom Leaks

To determine if there is a leak in your house bathroom, you are also advised to conduct a water ponding test. Cover the drain hole, turn on the faucet and let the water flow until it fills the bathroom space.

Leave it for a while – if there is a leak in the bathroom, the water will start to dry out. In addition, water stains will also be clearly visible on the ceiling of the house.

If necessary, get inspection services from trained inspection experts to get a more professional view.

House Ceiling

If there is a leak or damage to your house bathroom, the water stains or water damage will be clearly visible. Usually, through changes in the color of the house ceiling or the appearance of yellowish stains on the ceiling.

Usually, ceiling leakage problems are caused by:

        1. Rainwater;
        2. Weaknesses in the piping system;
        3. Waterproofing issues, and so on.

House Defects: Floor Tiles

Check the quality of tile installation inside and outside the house. Improperly installed tiles can cause problems for buyers.

Try tapping the surface with an iron rod or a coin. If the resulting sound is not solid or hollow, this means the floor tiles need to be repaired immediately. This is because over time, it can break due to pressure or heavy objects.

If this happens, you may need to replace the new floor tiles, which will certainly add to the cost of repairing your home.

2. Destructive Insects

Destructive insects like termites can be considered the main enemy of buildings, especially those made of wood. Although these insects are small in size, termites, if left unchecked, can damage and affect the structure of buildings.
Termites usually attack the house through the gaps between floors, walls, or cracks in the walls, and will damage the internal structure.

Signs of Termite Infestation

It is difficult for you to realize a termite infestation in your house. By the time you notice it, it may already be too late, and your structure or belongings may already be damaged by termites. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of the conditions around your house. The following are some signs that your house may be infested with termites:

        1. The color of the door frame, window frame, or floor starts to change;
        2. There are termite trails coming out of wooden furniture or door and window frames;
        3. Flying ants are present – the presence of flying ants is usually associated with termite nests;
        4. There are cracks or holes with a sandy residue.

Basically, infestations by destructive insects such as termites can cause serious damage to a house and require extensive repair work. Consider these things to avoid bearing the high cost of repairs and damage to your home.

 how to check defect for new house

3. House Defects: Plumbing System

Just like buying a used car that requires you to test drive your preferred car, the process of buying a used or subsale house also involves a similar process. You need to test and experience it yourself to ensure that you make the right and best choice.

For example, to ensure that the plumbing system of the house you want to buy is in good condition, test each water channel one by one to ensure that it functions perfectly. This means you need to open every pipe, pull the toilet bowl pump, and showerhead in every corner of your house.

Clogged pipes or channels are common problems faced by subsale homebuyers. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to this aspect. Usually, the cost of repairing a house’s plumbing system is quite high and expensive.

4. Electrical Wiring

In addition, one aspect of home damage that needs to be checked when buying a subsale house is the electrical wiring system. Turn on all fan switches and lights, test the house’s electricity with a test pen to ensure that it is functioning properly. If the house’s electrical wiring system is unsatisfactory, it can cause a short circuit that can cause the house to catch fire.

If you detect any electrical parts that are not working, immediately notify the agent or homeowner for further action. Most subsale houses are usually old houses, so the wiring or electrical wiring is also likely too old. Some of them may have rotted, and there is a possibility that the existing electrical cables have been bitten by rats, etc.

However, do not take electrical problems lightly. If you are not skilled in electrical work, do not risk fixing electrical problems yourself at home. This is to avoid you from getting an electric shock and being hospitalized. If necessary, seek advice or assistance from electrical experts.

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