Standalone Medical Card vs Medical Rider 2023: Is There A Difference?

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Standalone Medical Card vs Medical Rider 2023: Is There A Difference?

Are you curious about getting medical insurance for yourself? Well, there are two types of medical insurance you can get in Malaysia; standalone medical card vs medical rider. In this article, we will share with you what is the difference between a standalone medical card and a medical rider.

What You Need to Know About Standalone vs Medical Rider

A medical card helps the insured cover hospitalizations and surgical treatments at a panel hospital. The coverage provided by your medical card is subject to specified annual and lifetime limits. The two most common medical cards available in Malaysia are standalone medical cards and medical riders.

What Is A Standalone Medical Card?

A standalone medical card gives you medical health coverage that covers your hospitalizations and surgical treatments. It is not attached to any other savings plan or investment-linked life insurance. When you pay for a standalone medical card, you will get the following coverage, depending on the plan that you choose:

What is standalone medical card?

Costs for Hospital Admission and Surgery

This includes costs for admission to hospital, surgery, room and board, ambulance services, medicine, and other related costs.

Critical Illness

Your medical plan covers critical illness treatment costs such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and others (depending on the policy).

Long-term Treatment

This will benefit those with chronic diseases such as kidney patients.

What Is A Medical Rider?

A medical rider is an add-on or additional benefit attached to savings or investment-linked life insurance. It gives you the same benefits as a standalone medical card but it has a savings or investment element.

The premium will be paid under one single premium for both savings or investment-linked life insurance. Hence, the premium would be more expensive as it covers a more comprehensive coverage; life insurance, medical insurance, investment-linked policy, and/or a savings plan.

Additionally, you can add additional coverage to your medical rider insurance such as:

  • Accident rider;
  • Critical illness rider; and
  • Premium waiver rider.

You have the option to exclude the medical rider from your life insurance policy, and even without it, the life insurance policy remains effective. However, if the life insurance policy concludes, the medical rider terminates as well.

You can also claim compensation for critical illness and receive cash payouts. Yet, if the compensation surpasses the life insurance coverage, your life insurance policy will lapse.

What is the Difference between a Standalone Medical Card vs Medical Rider?

We’ve outlined the differences between the two types of medical cards. You can refer to the table below for a quick reference to their variations.

1. Premium

The major difference between a standalone and a medical rider is the cost of their premium. Basically, you pay a higher cost for a medical rider due to the inclusion of investment and savings components in the comprehensive policy.

Consider this scenario: a standalone medical card priced at RM500 monthly, while a medical rider is at RM2,000. Both provide identical medical coverage, prompting the question of the additional RM1,500 for medical rider.

This extra amount contributes to your investment fund account and/or savings plan, establishing a cash value that can be withdrawn or utilized to pay your premium.

Standalone Medical Card Medical Rider
  • Cheaper than a medical rider.
  • Expensive than a standalone medical card.
  • Premium increases as you age.
  • Normally the  premium is fixed.
  • Suitable for those with a larger budget willing to pay a higher premium.

2. Link with Investment and Savings Portion

A standalone medical card exclusively provides medical coverage. Meanwhile, a medical rider offers the same coverage but is integrated or bundled with a life insurance policy for added convenience.

 You are paying more for Medical Rider compared to Standalone Medical Card because of the investment and savings element of the comprehensive policy.

3. Renewal

You might also wonder how long your Insurance coverage lasts. It depends on the policy renewal terms of your medical insurance. The coverage period differences for both standalone and medical rider can be seen below: 

Standalone Medical Card Medical Rider
  • Renewal is guaranteed annually. 
  • However, the premium price can change depending on the situation. 
  • Medical rider remains active as long as the life insurance plan still exists. 

4. Pros of Standalone Medical Card vs Medical Rider

There are several advantages obtained by insurers for both standalone and medical rider.

Standalone Medical Card Medical Rider
  • Its premium is significantly cheaper.
  • No need to pay for additional plans/riders such as for savings or investment.
  • Medical health coverage up to 99 years of age.
  • Fixed price/premium – the premium does not increase as you age. 
  • It has a cash value. Cash value can be withdrawn for personal emergency use or to pay your premiums (depending on the policy). 
  • The policyholder can opt to remove the medical rider while maintaining the life insurance policy and extending the medical health coverage.

5. Cons of Standalone Medical Card vs Medical Rider

Similarly, there are also disadvantages for both medical cards as per table below.

Standalone Medical Card Medical Rider
  • The cost of the premium increases as you age.
  • No cash value/returns since there is no savings element.
  • If no claims are made during the entire medical coverage, the premiums paid will not be returned.
  • Higher cost of premium. 
  • It has a period of maturity/limited policy term – such as until 60 years old, 80, or 99.
  • Even though cash value can be withdrawn, the premium will be increased for the following month’s payment.

Which one is better, standalone or medical rider?

Standalone Medical Card and A Medical Rider, Which One Is The Best Option?

Whether it is a standalone medical card or a medical rider, the best option is still for you to get medical insurance for yourself. You will never know what the future holds. Having the best medical insurance, however, will save you from financial woes in case of any medical emergency or critical illness.

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