Buying a Second Hand Motorcycle: 6 Important Things to Know

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Buying a Second Hand Motorcycle: 6 Important Things to Know

Many young people today choose to buy a second hand motorcycle rather than get a brand-new motorcycle. This is because the price of a second hand motorcycle is cheaper compared to a new one, and a used motorcycle can offer the same quality as a new one if you make the right choice. However, without knowing how to buy a motorcycle or following the right tips for buying a second hand motorcycle, you may end up having to bear higher repair costs than the price of the used motorcycle itself.

Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle in Malaysia that You Need to Know

Many people who want to buy a new motorcycle have a limited budget and choose to buy a second hand or used motorcycle. However, many are concerned about the condition of the used motorcycle they want to buy because the buyer may not know how the previous owner drove or maintained the vehicle. Basically, buying a second hand motorcycle is worth it if you know how to buy a motorcycle and choose the right used motorcycle. You can follow the following tips for buying a second hand motorcycle:

1. Make Sure There Is a Motorcycle Grant

Make sure that the motorcycle you want to buy has valid motorcycle documents. The motorcycle registration certificate or grant is a basic document that is important to verify the identity of the purchased motorcycle. It contains serial numbers as well as registered owner information and vehicle details such as engine number, chassis number, model, class of use and others. This information is important to verify the use of the motorcycle on the road. In addition, the motorcycle registration certificate also displays information such as records of payments made, including motorcycle road tax payments, transfer of ownership and address. This information is important to avoid purchasing a stolen motorcycle.

2. Looks Can Be Deceiving, Inspecting Used Motorcycles is Crucial

Many among used motorcycle buyers believe that the external appearance reflects the overall quality of the motorcycle. This opinion is generally inaccurate. Even if the motorcycle looks perfect without any flaws, it does not mean that the purchased motorcycle has no problems at all. You are advised to check the condition of the motorcycle first and make appropriate considerations. The following are some aspects of the inspection that need attention:

Check the Engine Oil Level

The first thing you can do before buying a second-hand motorcycle is to check the engine oil level. If the oil level is excessive, it will result in a slower engine sound. This indirectly hides the original sound of the motor, which may potentially be rougher.

Mileage of the Second Hand Motorcycle

Take note of the mileage of the motorcycle you want to buy. If the motorcycle is still new but has a high mileage reading, it means that the previous owner often used the motorcycle. Generally, the higher the mileage reading of your motorcycle, the higher the risk of component damage and repair costs that need to be borne.

Motorcycle Body Parts

You are advised to stand in front of the motorcycle and check whether the front and rear tires are in a parallel position or not. If the motorcycle tire position is not parallel, there is a high possibility that it has been involved in an accident or hit something.

Check the Fork Stem, an Important Motorcycle Component

Pay attention to the fork stem of the motorcycle. If there is evidence of oil, it may be due to a damaged or unreplaced oil seal by the previous owner. In addition, also check other components such as the swing arm, tire rims, and others.

      1. If the front fork stem is bent, there is a possibility that the motorcycle has been involved in an accident;
      2. Shake the swing arm to the left or right, if it feels loose, it may be due to a worn-out swing arm bush;
      3. Also, check the motorcycle suspension whether it is still in good condition or not.

3. Check the Motorcycle’s Engine

The engine is the most important component of a motorcycle. If the engine is not functioning properly, it may disrupt the overall operation of the motorcycle. Check for any leaks or cracks in this component, as it can cause serious problems. Low oil levels due to engine leaks can pose a risk of damage to important motorcycle components and indirectly increase repair costs.

In addition, try starting the engine and observe the condition of the motorcycle while the engine is running. Identify any unusual noises that may come from the engine block. Usually, certain noises that occur when the engine is started indicate a problem or damage to a particular motor component. Also, check the smoke that comes out of the motorcycle exhaust. White or black smoke from the exhaust indicates a problem with the engine, such as incomplete engine combustion.

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4. The Motorcycle Wiring System is in Good Condition

Check the electrical system of the motorcycle you want to buy. Make sure that the wiring is done properly without any cutting or splicing. This is because poorly done wiring can increase the risk of the vehicle catching fire or short circuiting. Additionally, check the headlights, taillights, turn signals, and brake lights. Make sure they are all functioning properly.

5. Motorcycle Test Drive for Performance Evaluation

One of the safest ways to determine the quality or performance of a used motorcycle is by test riding it. Test riding the second hand motorcycle that you intend to buy is an important step in helping you make the right purchasing decision. This way, you can personally experience riding the motorcycle, identify any hidden damages that may not be visible to the naked eye, and avoid any disappointment or problems in the future.

Try riding the motorcycle at a speed of between 100 to 110 km/h and check for any vibrations. If the motorbike vibrates strongly, it may indicate a problem with the engine. Additionally, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Check for any problems with the clutch or gear parts of the motorcycle;
  • Observe whether the motorcycle leans to the left or right while riding. This may be due to a problem with the tires;
  • Take note of whether the motorcycle takes a long time to come to a complete stop or if you need to press the brakes hard to stop it;
  • Perform a test ride on an uneven or bumpy road to test the handling and driving performance;
  • Identify any unusual sounds produced by the motorcycle.

6. Second Hand Motorcycle Under Warranty

For a second hand motorcycle, one of the most concerning aspects for buyers is undoubtedly the quality of the purchased motorcycle. A second hand motorcycle is not guaranteed to be in perfect condition. If possible, buy a used motorcycle that comes with a warranty. Usually, a second hand motorcycle dealer will provide a warranty for one month or more, depending on the situation. If there is any damage during the warranty period, you can bring the motorcycle back to the dealer for inspection.

Get Motorcycle Insurance for a Peace of Mind

Hopefully, this sharing of tips for buying a second hand motorcycle can help you make a decision and choose the best second hand motorcycle for you. Additionally, if you are considering getting cheap motorcycle insurance for your used motorcycle, visit the Qoala website for more information. Qoala is the best insurance platform in Malaysia with a guarantee of an easy, safe, and fast insurance buying process.

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