How to Renew Motorcycle Road Tax Online 2022

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How to Renew Motorcycle Road Tax Online 2022

Renew motor road tax motor can be said to be one of the annual activities. Motorcycle road tax is a tax imposed on motor vehicle owners who want to use motorcycles on the road. Road tax rates are fixed and motor road tax prices are usually distinguished by the type of motor insurance selected. In addition, the period of motor road tax renewal depends on the choice of either six (6) months or 12 months. If the road tax is expired and you do not renew road tax or motorcycle insurance, it is likely that you can sue if there is a roadblock operation.

3 Ways to Renew Motorcycle Road Tax in Malaysia

To renew the motorcycle road tax, you need to renew the motorcycle insurance first. Once it is done, then you can renew your motorcycle road tax. Qoala lists how to renew a motor roadtax for your guidance as follows:

1. Renew Road Tax Online

In line with the practice of new norms, various services in the country are now shifting from traditional methods to new more modern ways. Tax reforms and motor insurance, for example, are now accessible from home without having to be physically lining up at the counters. In Malaysia, there are several platforms that offer online roadtax renewal services such as MyEG, Loanstreet and more. Here are some ways you can consider to renew roadtax online according to the stated platform:

Renew Roadtax MyEG Motor

Here is how to renew my Motor Roadtax for your guide:

  1. Visit MyEG’s official portal at
  2. Register as a user (provide documents for renewal roadtax such as car plate number, identity card number, vehicle type, engine capacity, vehicle year, protection value and window mirror – optional);
  3. Login into the MyEG system;
  4. Click on the Renewal Roadtax button;
  5. Fill in all required information (name, identity card number, phone number, email address, car registration number and road tax renewal period);
  6. Choose a delivery method;
  7. Make sure the information is filled with complete and correct, then make a payment;
  8. Completed.

Renew Road Tax Motor Through

Here is how to renew road tax online through for your guide:

  1. Fill in the required information such as vehicle registration number, vehicle owner identity card and postal code;
  2. Compare and select the quote offered. The platform lists several insurance policies from the best insurance companies in Malaysia such as Zurich Takaful, RHB Takaful and more;
  3. Check and make sure all the requested information is correct and complete including the correspondence address for the home roadtax delivery of the home;
  4. Make payment. The payment process can be made online via credit card and online banking.

Renew Road Tax Motorcycle Through Loanstreet

Here is how to renew road tax online via Loanstreet for your guide:

  1. Visit the Loanstreet website at
  2. Go to Insurance, then click Motocycle Insurance;
  3. Enter the required personal details such as Motor Registration No, Identity Card No, Postal Code and Email, and Click Get Started;
  4. Compare and select the quote offered, and confirm the information;
  5. Press the Buy Now button if you agree to the displayed quote and make a payment;
  6. Completed.

motor road tax renewal

2. Renew Road Tax Motor at Post Office, Road Transport Department Malaysia

In addition to online road tax renewal, you can also renew road tax at any renewal roadtax area such as the Post Office, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the Urban Transformation Center (UTC) throughout Malaysia. Here is how to renew the roadtax at the locations specified for your guide:

How to Renew Motorcycle Road Tax in the Post Office

Here is a way to renew road tax at the post office for your guidance:

  1. Provide documents for renewal roadtax (VOC), copy of existing insurance cover note);
  2. Attend any post office near your house;
  3. Take the turn number and wait until your turn is called;
  4. Submit the required document to the task officer;
  5. Completed.

Although the road tax renewal in the post office is simple and fast, you need to make sure you pass the Renew Roadtax conditions at the specified post office as follows:

  • Termination of Roadtax minimum 6 months and maximum of 1 year;
  • Vehicles must have valid motor insurance coverage;
  • You can only renew the roadtax within 2 months;
  • If the original owner dies, the road tax renewal process is only allowed for a period of 6 months for each application for a period of not more than 5 years;
  • Application (if the death period) has exceeded five (5) years must be approved;
  • If the roadtax expiry date exceeds one (1) year from the date of application, the vehicle owner will need to send the vehicle to Puspakom for prior inspection to enable road tax renewal.
Motorcycle Road Tax Price 2022 at Post Office

The motor roadtax price varies from RM2 to RM350 depending on the engine capacity (CC) of your motor. In addition, the price of the motor roadtax motor also varies by location (road tax prices in Sabah and Sarawak are lower than road tax prices in Peninsular Malaysia). The following is a 2022 Renew Roadtax Motor 2022 price table for your guide:

CC motorcycle (engine capacity)

Motorcycle Roadtax Price 2022
ROADTAX MOTOR PRICE Peninsula Roadtax Motor Sabah Sarawak
150 cc and below RM2 RM2
151 cc to 200 cc RM30 RM9
201 cc to 250 cc RM50 RM12
251 cc to 500 cc RM180 RM30
501 cc to 800 cc RM250 RM40
Over 800 cc RM350 RM42

Renew Roadtax How to JPJ/UTC

In addition, you can also renew road tax at any of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) branches or Urban Transformation Center (UTC). Here is how to renew the motor roadtax at JPJ/UTC for your reference:

  1. Provide documents for renewal roadtax (VOC), copy of existing insurance cover note);
  2. Attend any JPJ/UTC office near you;
  3. Take the turn number and wait until your turn is called;
  4. Submit the required document to the task officer;
  5. Completed.

In addition, the following is a document that you need to bring during renewal roadtax at JPJ/UTC:

  • Registered vehicle owner identification card or representative;
  • PUSPAKOM inspection report document for inactive motor vehicles;
  • PG10 inspections for individual motorcycles only, motorcycles inspected by JPJ or motorcycle seized by JPJ;
  • If the registered vehicle owner has passed away for more than 5 years, a document showing the process of dividing the inheritance has begun or any document to consider approval must be granted;
  • Certificate of Certificate of Declaration of Vehicle Location Used such as Sabah, Sarawak and Tax Free Island;
  • Customs Declaration Documents (K3) and port receipts for Sabah, Sarawak and Tax Free Island.

3. Renew Road Tax Motor in Puspakom

If your motorcycle roadtax dies more than a year or more, you will need to do an additional procedure to turn on your motorcycle roadtax. People need to do a motorcycle check in Puspakom. Here is how to renew a road tax in Puspakom for your guide:

i. Booking Slot Motor Inspection in Puspakom

Motor Roadtax dies for more than a year needs a special inspection at Puspakom. Only after passing this inspection you can renew the motor roadtax as usual. To facilitate renewal road tax on Puspakom, you are advised to make an online appointment through the MyPuspakom app. The following is a Mypuspakom account registration guide for your reference:

  1. Check -in or download mypuspakom app;
  2. Click on the first check -in and select an individual account list (for private vehicles) or trading accounts (for trading vehicles);
  3. Enter all required information such as email address, password and username;
  4. Press Sign up and complete.

To set an appointment, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to MyPuspakom account using a certified email and password;
  2. Choose a new appointment;
  3. Complete the details of the vehicle including the type of inspection, the inspection center, the date and time of the inspection;
  4. Then, complete the details of the vehicle carrier to be present for inspection;
  5. Confirm the details of the appointment;
  6. The documents that need to be brought during the inspection will be displayed after you confirm the appointment;
  7. Make an online payment, you will receive a book confirmation slip by registered email;
  8. Bring the appointment confirmation slip during the examination.

ii. Repair Motor, Service What to

Once you have booked the slot, you can prepare your motorcycle before the inspection. Repair any rosal parts such as brake lights, car tires, side mirrors and so on. If your side mirror motorcycle lives next to it, you can spend your shopping to buy a new side mirror. No conditions, you can’t pass this check!

iii. Get a temporary travel permit

If you rode a legitimate tax-free motorcycle, you are considered to be in violation of the road law. So, if you want to take your motorcycle to PUSPAKOM for inspection, you need to get a temporary travel permit (JPJ K12) from any JPJ branch nearby. This permit can be considered like a day travel ticket that allows you to bring your motorcycle to the inspection location.

IV. Do check on Puspakom

One needs to provide roadtax renewal documents such as original motor grant, identity card and valid driver’s license. After registration, you just have to wait until the PUSPAKOM officer is completed by your motorcycle check. Motor chassis number, motor lights, signal lamps, brake lights and so on will be checked. If all of these components are in good condition, your application will be approved and the inspection report will be issued. This inspection report is valid within a month. Therefore, you need to make sure you renew the motor roadtax immediately.

v. Renew Road Tax and buy motor insurance

After passing the PUSPAKOM inspection test, you can continue to renew your motorcycle road tax. However, you are advised to buy motor insurance first to launch the Renew Road Tax Motor process. For more fun, you can buy online motor insurance.

Visit the Qoala website and get a quote that suits your needs and budget. Best of all, motor insurance renewal service in Qoala is fast, easy and safe.

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