What You Should Know About E-Batal JPJ 2023

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What You Should Know About E-Batal JPJ 2023

Many people are still unaware of the importance of the e-Batal JPJ procedure. This process needs to be carried out after fully paying off a car loan. E-Batal JPJ is the process of changing the ownership name of the car by removing the bank or lender’s name from the original car grant and replacing it with the vehicle owner’s name.

Claim Full Ownership of the Vehicle After Paying off Your Car Loan

Fully paying off your car loan after a period of five, seven, or nine years is a significant achievement. It relieves you from the burden of monthly installments, allowing you to allocate the funds for other purposes such as savings, investments, or other expenses.

However, before you breathe a sigh of relief, there is one more important task you must complete. You need to transfer the ownership status of the vehicle from the bank or lender’s name to your own through e-Batal JPJ.

e-batal jpj

If you purchase a car with a bank loan, you will notice the phrase “Ownership Claimed by: XXXX” on your car grant. This means that the car is still owned by the bank or financial institution until you fully repay your loan debt.

To ensure that the car grant is rightfully in your possession, it needs to be endorsed with the status “Canceled via the System.” This is an important procedure to ensure that you are the legitimate owner of the vehicle.

E-Batal JPJ Process: 4 Steps You Need to Follow

Please ensure that you have fully settled your car loan balance before initiating the e-Batal JPJ procedure. If you still have outstanding debt, it is important for you to clear it first before transferring the ownership from the bank to your name.

You will need to refer to your car loan provider for specific e-Batal procedure – each bank has different e-Batal process such as e-Batal Maybank, e-Batal Public Bank, e-Batal Hong Leong Bank, e-Batal AmBank, or e-Batal CIMB.

1. Receive The Original Car Grant

After fully paying off your car loan or making the final payment for your car, the vehicle manufacturer or the financial provider you dealt with will provide you with the original car grant as proof that you now own the vehicle.

2. Obtain a Release Letter from the Bank

You need to contact the bank to verify if a release letter has been issued for the cancellation process. This release letter indicates that the bank has released its claim on your car.

Generally, the bank will directly send the release letter to the relevant JPJ (Road Transport Department) office.

3. Visit a Nearby JPJ Branch

After receiving the release letter from the bank or financial institution, you need to visit any nearby JPJ branch to cancel the ownership claim of the lender from your car grant.

When you are at JPJ branch, clearly state your intention to cancel the lender’s ownership claim from the original car grant to the JPJ officer. Wait until your turn is called to process the cancellation application.

4. Complete e-Batal JPJ Procedure

Ensure that your car grant has the e-Batal stamp issued by JPJ, following the prescribed procedure. If you have received this stamp, it signifies that the vehicle is now fully owned by you.

e-batal jpj

Perform E-Batal JPJ Upon Loan Clearance, Renew Insurance at Qoala to Safeguard Your Vehicle

Ideally, it is crucial to remove the bank’s ownership status from your car grant as soon as you fully pay off your car loan. If you delay the e-Batal JPJ process, the car grant will still indicate that the bank or financial institution has ownership rights over the vehicle.

In the event of any accidents or issues with the car, the bank or financial institution may still claim ownership rights over it. The e-Batal JPJ procedure is easy and highly important to be carried out after completing your car loan payments. If you haven’t done the e-Batal JPJ process yet, it is recommended to do so.

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