Guide to Changing Car Paint Color to Avoid Getting Fined

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Guide to Changing Car Paint Color to Avoid Getting Fined

Achromatic colors (white and silver) are the most popular car paint colors in Malaysia, followed by black, gray, and blue. However, many vehicle owners choose to change their car’s paint color to express their personality, style, and individuality. Essentially, changing the car’s paint color is not an offense. You can change the car’s paint color at any time according to your preference.

Complete Guide to Car Modification or Changing Car Paint Color

According to the Official Portal of the Road Transport Department (JPJ), minor modifications or the installation of additional car accessories that do not alter the vehicle’s identity or compromise its safety features do not require approval from the JPJ.

Any changes made to specific parts of a vehicle, such as changing the car’s paint color, must be reported and approved by the JPJ within seven days after the modification is done. This is to avoid any fines or penalties. Here is the complete procedure for changing the vehicle’s color or car paint for your reference:

  1. Paint your car. If the car’s paint color consists of multiple colors, the most dominant color is considered the primary color of the vehicle.
  2. Once the car painting process is complete, you need to visit the nearest JPJ office for inspection and updating of information.
  3. Fill out the JPJ K8 form (Notice of Exchange of Vehicle Details and Registered Owner) and submit it to the JPJ officer on duty.
  4. The JPJ officer will update the information in the MySikap system.
  5. No fees will be charged for this procedure.

Why Obtain JPJ Approval for Changing Car Paint Color?

Essentially, you can change your car to any current car paint color as long as you inform the JPJ about the change. If you change the original car paint color without notifying this modification, you may be fined. In fact, in certain cases, you may receive fines for two different traffic offenses.

For example, if you exceed the speed limit while driving back to your hometown, you will receive a speed track or police summons. And if the police find that the color of the car being fined is different from the existing JPJ record, there is a high possibility that you will receive a summons for changing the car’s paint color without permission.

Currently, the process of applying for a car paint color change can only be done at JPJ counters. To facilitate the process, you can download the Notice of Exchange of Vehicle Details and Registered Owner (JPJ K8) form from the Official Portal of the Road Transport Department of Malaysia to avoid congestion at JPJ counters.

Does Car Spray Paint Affect Accident Insurance Claims?

From the perspective of car insurance claims, there are no implications related to changing the vehicle’s color. However, discrepancies between the registration records and the current car color may become a source of dispute or complication during insurance claims. For example, if a vehicle is involved in an accident and the insurance company finds that the stated car paint color in the registration records does not match the current color, there is a possibility that the insurance company will not cover the losses incurred by the owner. For further clarification, contact your insurance company to avoid having accident insurance claims rejected.

car paint price

Car Spray Paint: Guide to Choosing the Best Car Paint

Car paint serves not only to beautify the car but also plays a vital role in protecting and preserving your vehicle. Water-based or acrylic polyurethane enamel car paint colors are the most popular types of car paint currently.

Types of Car Paint

Each person has their preference when it comes to choosing the color of their car paint. In the market, there are several types of car paints available to meet the preferences and tastes of users. Here are four common types of car paints for your reference and guide:

Solid Paint

Solid colors are a popular choice due to their lower cost compared to other car paint colors. This is because the base color does not have any mixtures and is only coated with a clear layer for protection. However, most car paints sold today are no longer coated with a clear layer as they use a mixture of acrylic paint and isocyanate to make them more durable. Nevertheless, solid colors are less attractive and prone to fading and dullness.

Metallic Paint

This type of car paint is essentially not much different from solid paint. The noticeable difference between metallic car paint and solid car paint is that metallic paint contains metallic powder – the more metallic powder is added, the higher the gloss effect. A variety of metallic car paint colors are offered in the market – the type, price, and quality of the paint are influenced by the amount of metallic powder added to the paint mixture.

Interestingly, metallic car paint is easy to maintain and clean, and the color authenticity lasts longer compared to solid paint. However, you may encounter difficulties if your car requires repair work as it is challenging to achieve an exact match of the color.

Pearlescent Paint

This type of paint is becoming increasingly popular among car owners due to the unique and dramatic effects it offers. Compared to metallic colors that use metallic powder, pearlescent paint is mixed with ceramic crystals to give a more premium appearance. It allows the paint to reflect light and change color depending on the brightness of the light and the viewing angle.

Matte Finishes

This type of paint is not suitable for all types of vehicles due to its matte and non-glossy nature. However, it looks very attractive when it suits the car. Matte car paint contains a high content of epoxy or PVC to create that effect.

Usually, this type of car paint is used for high-performance cars, sports cars, or the most expensive cars, and matte black or gray is the most popular matte color. The price of matte car paint can reach up to RM10,000 depending on the quality.

Car Paint Prices

Technically, the cost or price of car paint is determined based on several criteria, including the type of car spray booth used, whether it’s an oven or a spray booth. The cost of car paint at a car painting workshop equipped with a closed space that has air channels and a heating system is usually more expensive than at a regular car painting workshop.

Usually, the price of car paint at a closed-space car painting workshop can be quite expensive. This is because a closed workshop requires expensive equipment and machines to expedite the drying process of the paint regardless of the weather. How long does it take to paint a car? It usually takes around seven to eight days for the paint to fully dry.

Car Types (Sedan) Car Paint Price
Exterior Only RM4,000 to RM6,000 (depending on the type of paint)
Exterior and Interior Only RM6,000 to RM7,000

For car workshops that do not have drying machines and rely entirely on weather conditions, the price of car paint is usually cheaper. However, it may take a long time to complete, around three to four weeks depending on the situation.

Car Types (Sedan) Car Paint Price
Exterior Only RM3,000 to RM4,000 (depending on the type of paint)
Exterior and Interior Only RM4,000 to RM5,000

Car Paint vs Car Wrap

With modern technology, users now have a new alternative and can choose between car paint or wrapping their car using vinyl stickers or car wraps. This alternative has become a new trend among users, and when compared in terms of cost, the price of car wraps can be considered competitive.

Comparison between Car Paint and Car Wrap Methods

Here is a comparison between car paint and car wrap for your reference and guide:

Car Paint Car Wrap
Car Paint Process The car needs to be left at the workshop for a certain period because the process takes time (drying time, etc.). The waiting time for each layer of paint to dry is around eight hours, and the estimated duration for car painting is approximately one to three weeks (or possibly longer depending on the conditions). The car wrapping process usually takes less than three days, depending on the car workshop. It involves a relatively simple process where the car is washed and dried before being wrapped.
Car Paint Price  The price of car paint is subjective. However, it generally depends on the quality and type of paint, vehicle model, facilities, and the number of paint layers used.  The price of car wraps is also subjective, depending on the size or type of car, the type of vinyl sticker selected, and the level of difficulty in the process.
Care/Maintenance Owners need to apply a coating layer to the car for extra protection. Additionally, regular washing, polishing, and waxing are necessary to ensure the longevity of the vehicle’s color. Car wraps are easier to maintain – just wash/wipe them with a damp cloth. There are suitable cloth materials available in the market for cleaning the vinyl surface to prevent microscopic dust from damaging it. Moreover, high-quality wraps typically last longer.
Car Paint Removal Process  The car paint removal process usually takes longer. In some cases, the car’s body or structure can be damaged or scratched if not done carefully. The process of removing old wraps does not take much time and does not cause rust or scratches.

Hopefully, this sharing of car color change tips can help you and prevent you from being fined by the police. In addition, you can also visit the Qoala website for further information on car insurance. Qoala is an easy, transparent, and fast insurance buying platform with competitive and affordable prices

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