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General FAQ
Can I subscribe to Qoala Care at any time of the year? arrow-thin-icon
No, you can only subscribe to Qoala Care during the renewal of your car insurance through Qoala..
How would I know that I have been subscribed to Qoala Care? arrow-thin-icon
You will receive a confirmation via email upon your subscription to Qoala Care.
Are the benefits on a pay-and-claim basis? arrow-thin-icon
Yes, the benefits listed are on a pay-and-claim basis.
Is this on a one-time claim basis? arrow-thin-icon
Yes, each benefit listed is on a one-time claim basis within the one-year Qoala Care subscription.
Do I call Qoala in the event I have a roadside emergency? arrow-thin-icon
No, call your insurer’s helpline for roadside assistance. You can later email Qoala at to submit your appropriate claims under Qoala Care.
Can I use third-party services (eg: tow truck) and claim from Qoala under Qoala Care? arrow-thin-icon
No. Your claims will only be successful if you engage your insurer-approved services.
Is Qoala Care only available in Malaysia? arrow-thin-icon
Yes, this subscription service is currently only available in Malaysia.
Is Qoala Care available for comprehensive and third-party policies? arrow-thin-icon
No, Qoala Care is only for customers who have purchased a comprehensive policy.
Is Qoala Care applicable to one car only? arrow-thin-icon
Yes, the subscription service is applicable to the one car that has its insurance bought through Qoala.


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