How to Get a Car License, Motor license & Computer License Test

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How to Get a Car License, Motor license & Computer License Test

In Malaysia, road users who want to use vehicles on roads are required to have a car license or motor license. Driving tests refer to the process of obtaining a driver’s license such as a car license or a motorcycle license to enable individuals to safely operate motor vehicles on the road. Road users who drive without a license and valid car insurance are legally wrong and consumers can be exposed to risks such as road accidents.

Complete Guide to Driver’s License Test for Car License and Motor License in Malaysia

Car license or motor license is an important document that you need to use if you want to use a vehicle. Without a valid driver’s license, you can not only be subject to a police suit but you can also endanger your lives and other road users. If those of you are not yet in a driver’s license and are considering undergoing a driver’s license test and a driver’s license test, this complete guide can help you.

1. Basic Requirements for Car License, Motor License in Malaysia

Any individual in Malaysia may take a driving class to obtain a driver’s license provided that the basic qualifications set by the Road Transport Department (JPJ):

  • Age eligibility;
  • Health Levels of Drivers – Healthy Body;
  • Can look well up to a distance of at least 23 meters;
  • Not color blind;
  • Able to understand the rules and laws of roads in Malaysia

For age qualifications, individuals who wish to obtain a driver’s license must pass the minimum criteria depending on the type and class of driver’s license as follows:

  • 16 years and above – Class A, B2, B or C motor license;
  • 17 years and above – D or DA Class Car License
  • 21 years and above – Class E to Class I (have a valid CDL license).

For candidates with disabilities who wish to obtain a driver’s license, the individual will need to obtain a health check form from any JPJ branch nearby. Candidates also need to obtain eligible driving or riding from a medical officer at any health clinic or government hospital.

Non-citizen candidates or permanent residents who wish to obtain a car or motorcycle license in Malaysia need to have a valid visitor and visa visa for at least one month.

2. Type and Class of Driver’s License in Malaysia

The type of driver’s license and a driver’s license class in Malaysia are set based on the driver’s eligibility level and the type of vehicle. Here are five types of driver’s license based on the Department of Road Transport (JPJ) Malaysia for your guide:

i. Learner Driving License (LDL)

Car License allows individuals to learn to drive under the supervision of an experienced trainer. License L Car (or L Motor License) needs to be renewed every three or 6 months if you have not yet taken or have not passed the JPJ test. However, the License L license is valid for two years from the date it is issued. If the L license has expired 2 years, you will need to repeat the process from the beginning to obtain a driver’s license.

ii. Probationary Driving License (PDL)

New drivers who have passed the test of the driving institute can obtain a P license at JPJ. This license is valid for two years.

iii. Competent Driving License (CDL)

It refers to the full driver’s license given to the driver upon expiry of the trial period (P) for two years.

iv. Vocational Driving License (VDL)

Special driver’s license issued for commercial vehicle drivers such as trucks and buses. The license was jointly issued by the Road Transport Department and the Trade Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP).

v. International Driving Permit (IDP)

This type of license allows Malaysian citizens to drive overseas vehicles. However, international driving permit applications must be made in advance at any state or branch JPJ office or at the Malaysian Automobile Association (AAM) office.

3. Driving Class: How to Register a Car Driving License, Motor

If you want to get a driver’s license, here are some steps that can help make your business easier:

i. A List of Driving licenses

To sign up for a driving class, you can contact your choice of driving institute. Marketing officers will help register or answer all your questions (if any).

ii. Attend KPP01 (Driver Education Curriculum Course)

KPP01 Class D or any vehicle classes will usually be held for six hours over the weekend. This theory class is done separately for each license class. Candidates are advised to dress neatly and be polite while attending this course.

iii. Driving License Computer Test

Upon completion of KPP01, the candidate will sit for the computer’s legal test or known as a computer test. The computer test passes are 42/50. If you fail the computer test, the candidate will need to take the repeat test.

Examples of Driving License Color Test Questions, Computerized Test 2022

You can refer to the example of a driver’s license computer test question as follows. The main objectives of this computerized test to ensure that candidates have basic knowledge of road law, signage and so on. If you pass this test, the candidate will receive a L license.

Driving License Color Test 2022

This color blind test contains eight questions and needs to be answered within 15 minutes. You need to answer all the questions correctly to get the color blind test. In the event of a color blind test, the candidate is advised to go to the government clinic for further action.

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iv. Receive your L License l

If you pass the computer test, the candidate will be given a L (Learner Driving License) license. The completed period of L license is usually within a week.

v. Run KPP02 – Circuit Training (Driver Education Curriculum Course)

It refers to practical training in the circuit. How many hours of class drive? For B2/B motor license classes, it takes 9.5 hours. Meanwhile, the D/DA class was held for 5.5 hours.

Types of License Driving Test
Manual Driver’s License (D) Vehicle inspection routine (RPK);
Routine before driving (RSM);
Safe routine (Rs);
Movement in the bend ‘S’;
Movement in the bend ‘z’;
Side parking;
Three-point turn.
Auto Driver’s License (DA) All of the above;
Motor License (A, B, B2 and C) Checkup and safety equipment;
Vehicle inspection routine (RPK);
Routine before riding (RSM);
Safe routine (Rs);
Riding on the bridge;
Riding the resistance between cones;
Emergency brakes;
Uneven riding (including for class B2);
Make ‘8’ numbers movements;
Riding in a sharp bend.

vi. Run KPP03 – Road Training (Driver Education Curriculum Course)

Upon completion of the driving training in the circuit, the candidate will take the KPP03 course. The KPP03 course refers to the driving training on the road under the supervision of an experienced coach for six hours (B2 and B class motorcycles) and 10 hours KPPO3 Car (Class D and DA). The driving study form (SM4) will be issued after the candidate has completed the training.

Types of Driver’s License Driving Test
Car License  Routine before driving (RSM);
Safe routine (Rs);
Start journey;
Driving on a straight path;
Driving at intersection;
Turn left and right at the intersection;
Driving at a bend;
Drive in a circle or lining path;
Driving in school areas, housing and more.
Motor License Checkup and safety equipment;
Vehicle inspection routine (RPK);
Routine before riding (RSM);
Safe routine (Rs);
Riding on a straight path;
Riding at an intersection;
Riding at a bend;
Riding in a circle or lining path;

vii. QTI Test

It refers to an internal test conducted by the driving institute. Candidates need to take the test before undergoing a JPJ practical test. If passed, the candidate will be allowed to sit for the JPJ practical test.

viii. JPJ Practical Test – Part 2 and 3 tests

Candidates who pass the QTI test will take the JPJ practical test or known as the JPJ Test/JPJ test. Candidates who pass the JPJ practical test or the JPJ driving test will be eligible for a P. driver’s license, while the candidate who fails to take the repeat test.

ix. Receive car license or motor license

The license will be processed and issued by the JPJ to the candidate who passed.

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4. Driving Test: Car License Price and Motor License 2022

Basically, the price of a driver’s license varies depending on the location. However, it is subject to the ceiling price set by the Driving Institute Licensing Committee (JKPIM) ​​under the management of the Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ). The pricing of the ceiling is intended to ensure that the rates are parallel to each state and help consumers obtain a car or motor license at a reasonable price.

License Class Cost
Motor License B2 RM350 to RM450
Motor License B RM900 to RM1,100
Manual Car License D RM1,150 to RM1,300
Auto Car License RM1,250 to RM1,500

Note: The price of the car and motor license is on an estimation. Any changes at the price are subject to other additional services offered by the Driving Institute.

For the driver’s license class, it is based on the type and capacity of the vehicle. Here is a complete list of vehicle license classes as prescribed by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) Malaysia for your guide:

Vehicle Class Description
A Disabled Vehicle (Motorcycle) with weightless weight not exceeding 450kg
A1 Disabled Vehicles (Motorcycles) Weight without loading not exceeding 3500kg
B Motorcycles (individuals) – over 500cc
B1 Motorcycle (individual) – no more than 500cc
B2 Motorcycle does not exceed 250ccc
C Three-wheeled motorcycle
D Motorcycle – weightless weight not exceeding 3500kg
DA Motor without clutch pedal – weightless weight not exceeding 3500kg
E Motorcycle Weight – Weight without load over 7500kg
E1 Motorcycle Weight – Weightless weight not exceeding 7500kg
E2 Motorcycle Weight – Weightless weight not exceeding 5000kg
F Tractor/Light Moving Machinery (Wheel) – weightless weight not exceeding 5000kg
G Tractor/Moving Machinery (chain) – Weight without loading not exceeding 5000kg
H Tractor/Moving Machinery (Wheel) – Weight without load exceeding 5000kg
I Tractor/Moving Machinery (Chain) – Weight without load exceeding 5000kg
M Court’s Penalties

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