Car Flood Insurance: 5 Safe Driving Tips During Rain

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Car Flood Insurance: 5 Safe Driving Tips During Rain

The monsoon season or the rainy season is a common phenomenon in Malaysia especially at the end of the year and this is the time for you to get car flood insurance. Heavy rainfall can not only increase the risk of accidents, but also potentially cause floods in certain locations. Therefore, you need to make appropriate preparations by performing regular services for your car, especially the tire parts and have car flood insurance to prevent you from incurring the high cost of repairs due to flooded cars.

Car Insurance Flood Coverage Malaysia: A More Optimal Car Protection

During the rainy season, there are many things that vehicle owners need to pay attention to in order to ensure personal and vehicle safety. In addition to car flood insurance, driving in the rain without knowledge and basic preparation can be a risk of accidents. Follow safe driving tips during the rain to make your drive in the rainy season safer.

1. Front and Rear Car Lights in Good Condition

Make sure the car lights including the brake lights work well to allow other drivers to be aware of your position while driving in the rain. Usually, visual distance during driving can be affected due to heavy rainfall. This is because, the rainwater uses causes the object to look further than the actual distance.

It is advisable to turn on low flashlight to improve lighting and help you look better. Avoid lighting emergency lamps or hazards light during the rain while the car is moving. If you use emergency lights during the rain, other vehicle owners can be confused and think your car is not moving. Basically, emergency lamps can only be used in emergency situations such as damaged cars and so on.

2. Make Sure the Car Wiper Works Well

Also, make sure your car wiper works and is in good condition. Basically, car wipers play an important role in increasing the level of visibility while driving in the rain. The level of vision when it rains will be worse, unclear and more limited if the aspect of the mirror wipering is neglected.

If the car wiper is not maintained or not replaced after it is damaged, it cannot wipe the water in the mirror evenly and thoroughly at risk of accidents. You are advised to change the car wiper if the rubber wiper is thirsty or hard. In addition, you are also encouraged to change your car wiper rubber if it does not move smoothly or is stuck when you use it.

can you claim on car insurance for flood damage

3. Check the Condition of the Car’s Tires

Damage to car tires such as wear tire tires, bald tires, inner tires, outer meal tires and swollen tires are among the types of car tires that cannot be taken easily and should be taken into account during the rainy season.

Smooth road conditions coupled with poor tire conditions can reduce tire grip on the road to risk accidents especially if driving fast in the rain. Water pressure formed while driving in the rain can cause car tires to float and do not touch the road surface – this situation is better known as aquaplaning or hydroplaning.

To reduce the risk of accidents, you need to make sure the tire condition (including flower tire thickness and vehicle tire wind pressure) is at a satisfactory level. Immediately replace bald or worn car tires.

4. Maintain a Safe Distance with Another Vehicle

Heavy rain can make it difficult to drive – you are advised to reduce speed or drive slower than the speed limit. It can reduce the risk of accidents and protect yourself in the event of problems with your car or other cars. Speed​​-driven vehicles are usually at risk of getting out if the car brakes are pressed. In addition, you also need to maintain a safe distance with other vehicles.

This is because, the smooth road conditions have the potential to reduce the tire grip and increase the stop time. Therefore, it is important to make sure the safe distance driving is maintained so that there is enough space between your car and other vehicles in front of you.

5. Focus On Driving, Hold Steering Wheel All the Time

Pay full attention and always be aware of the surroundings during driving in the rain. Maintain vision forward all the time and avoid driving with one hand. Make sure both hands hold the steering wheel tightly-both hands need to be at three o’clock and nine steering wheel. This is to allow you to control the car properly in the event of an unexpected situation such as a puddle of water and so on.

You also need to reduce other activities such as using a mobile phone, watching a video or chatting with a partner as it can interfere with the focus. There are many things that can happen if they get worse, especially if the visibility is low or through the unusual path.

Flood Car Insurance: Get Special Perils Insurance Coverage for Optimal Car Protection During the Rainy Season

During the flood, you are likely to face the risk of property damage such as cars, homes, livestock and more. Therefore, you are advised to increase additional protection of special perils or flood insurance in the comprehensive insurance policy of the car. With car flood insurance coverage, it allows you to make flood insurance claims if your car is damaged by flood water. It can prevent you from spending higher expenses for damage to damage.

Basically, the premium rate charged for special peril protection or flood insurance is usually around 0.2 percent to 0.5 percent of the sum insured depending on your preferred insurance company – refer to your insurance company for more info.

If you want additional protection such as windshield insurance and flood car insurance coverage, visit the Qoala website for more info. Qoala is a car insurance comparison platform with a variety of attractive car insurance offers at affordable prices.

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