Lost Card: 4 Steps to Take Immediately If Your Bank Card Is Lost

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Lost Card: 4 Steps to Take Immediately If Your Bank Card Is Lost

The situation of a lost card is a terrifying nightmare that can happen to anyone at any time especially when it comes to the bank cards. Losing a bank card can be extremely dangerous as your savings in the bank can disappear in an instant. Thieves can quickly make transactions without needing access to your account, especially with features like PayWave. This article will share four important steps you need to take if your bank card or ATM card goes missing.

Lost Bank Card: 4 Steps to Safeguard Your Bank Savings

The process of replacing a lost card can be quite complicated. For example, let’s say you lose your wallet containing your identification card, bank card, and credit card. You will need to replace all your lost bank cards with new ones. Regarding the identification card, you can easily replace it at the National Registration Department (JPN) without going through a complicated process. However, it is different for bank cards. You will need to make a police report and take necessary steps to prevent misuse of your card.

If someone uses your lost card, money will be withdrawn from your bank account immediately. In such a situation, it is advised not to panic but to act swiftly. What should you do when your bank card is lost? Here are four steps you should take if you cannot find your bank card.

1. Contact the Bank Immediately

Bank’s Phone Number to Report Lost Bank/ATM Card

In general, if you have lost your BSN bank card, CIMB card, or Bank Islam card, you need to contact the respective bank to temporarily freeze the functions of your card. Here are the customer service hotline numbers for your reference:

Bank Telephone Number
Maybank 1300-88-6688
CIMB Bank 03-6204 7788
RHB Bank 03-92068118
BSN 1300-88-1900
Public Bank 03-2179 5000
Bank Rakyat 03-2692 4600
Bank Islam 03- 2690 0900

How to Block a Lost Maybank Card: Follow These 7 Steps

For Maybank ATM card users, apart from contacting the bank, you can also block a lost Maybank card online through the Maybank2U service. Here are the steps for you to follow:

    1. Log in to Maybank2u
    2. Select Settings
    3. Choose Cards Manage Debit Cards
    4. Debit Card – Replace & Block
    5. Select Menu
    6. Click on Block Card
    7. Choose Confirm

2. Check Your Bank Account

You need to log in to your online banking account for further verification. Most banks in Malaysia now provide applications that allow you to access your account online, such as Bank Islam Online, Bank Rakyat Online, RHB Bank Online, and many more. If there are any suspicious new transactions, record all relevant information such as the transaction amount, time, and date.

Even if there are small transactions as low as RM10, you should also take note of them. This is because scammers or thieves usually transfer small amounts from your account as a trial. If these small transactions are successful, they will attempt larger transactions.

3. Do Police Report

If you are robbed or mugged, you need to make an immediate report at the nearest police station. Some banks require a copy of the police report as one of the supporting documents if you report your lost bank card due to theft. Although some banks may not require a police report for the process of replacing a new card, it is still advisable to report this incident to enable the police to take action against the robbery or mugging incident that happened to you.

Additionally, it is recommended that you prepare several copies of the police report you have made. You can use the same copy of the police report to report the loss of other cards you may have.

4. Replace the Lost Card

Once you have deactivated your lost card, you need to visit the nearest bank branch and fill out the required form. Additionally, it is recommended to prepare any documents that may be needed by the bank for the renewal of your bank card, such as the police report, a copy of your identification card, or birth certificate.

Inform the bank officer at the counter that your bank card is lost and you would like to replace it with a new one. You may need to have cash on hand as some banks charge a fee for the issuance of a new card. Typically, the process of replacing a bank card does not take much time, but it depends on the policies of your bank. Once you receive your new bank card, you simply need to set a new PIN at an ATM machine.


Ensure the Security of Your Bank Card Details

If you fail to take immediate action when you lose your bank card, there is a high likelihood that you may lose your savings. By promptly reporting the incident to the bank, your lost card will be frozen or canceled. This means that if your card is stolen, the thief will be unable to withdraw your money or carry out any transactions using your bank card.

As a precautionary measure, you can practice the following steps to better handle such situations:

  • It is advised not to store your bank card PIN number anywhere, such as in your phone, wallet, or bag. Instead, you should remember or memorize your PIN number. Never disclose your PIN number to anyone.
  • Always monitor the activity in your bank account and keep track of the latest balance. If the balance decreases even though you haven’t used it, there is a high possibility that your data has been stolen by unauthorized parties.
  • Keep a record of your account number, customer service number, and other important information related to your account, so that the reporting process can be done quickly and smoothly.
  • You need to understand the terms and conditions of your bank regarding the loss of a Debit card or ATM card, so that you know the necessary actions to take if such a situation occurs.

lost card

Losing a bank card is indeed something that should be avoided as the risk of losing your savings in the bank is quite high. As mentioned several times in this article, you need to take immediate action when you realize the lost card of your bank. It is more advisable to take preventive measures than to deal with the consequences and seek a cure afterwards.

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