Car Breakdown: 5 Important Steps to Take

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Car Breakdown: 5 Important Steps to Take

Car breakdown on the side of the road is something we all try to avoid. But sometimes emergencies happen, and we have no choice but to pull over. If the emergency is caused by a flat tire, we can still fix it ourselves by changing the spare tire. But what if your car has engine problems like a dead car battery, a faulty alternator, and so on while driving on the road?

What Should You Do When Your Car Breaks Down While You’re Driving

Although you may service your car regularly to reduce the risk of your car breaking down, unexpected things can still happen while driving on the road. Therefore, you need to be prepared to face situations where your car breaks down on the side of the road. Follow these steps:

1. Do Not Panic

The first thing you should do when your car breaks down on the side of the road is to control yourself and remain calm. If you can’t control yourself and become too panicked, you won’t be able to think rationally. Understand the situation with the broken-down car first while taking a long deep breath.

If the car breaks down on a road with few cars and the side of the road is still okay, it’s not a big deal. But if the car breaks down in the middle of a busy road or on a highway, it can be a difficult situation. You are advised not to stay inside the broken-down car. Instead, sit in an area away from traffic to avoid the risk of being hit while waiting for assistance.

In general, the most important thing to do is to remain calm and avoid panic. If you panic, you won’t be able to take initial emergency steps that can make things easier for you. When you don’t panic, you can think rationally and make wise decisions. You also need to be aware of what caused your car to break down, especially if this type of damage happens frequently.

2. Turn on the Car Hazard Lights

The car’s emergency lights or hazard lights are important as an indicator to other drivers that your car has stopped and is experiencing a malfunction. For example, if your car fails to function normally while driving, slowly bring the car to the side of the road. You should drive slowly and not suddenly press the accelerator or brake pedal.

As mentioned above, hazard lights are important as an indicator to other drivers that your car has stopped and is experiencing a malfunction. For those who don’t know, the red button with a triangular symbol on the car dashboard is the emergency or hazard light button. It is important for the safety of the car, yourself, and other vehicles. It can also signal to other drivers to not be behind your car to avoid worsening the traffic situation on the road.

After successfully placing the broken-down car on the side of the road, immediately turn on the hazard lights to signal to other drivers to be more careful, especially if this happens at night. When other drivers see your car’s lights on, they will be more cautious. If the hazard lights fail to function, find any item that can help, such as hanging a cloth on the antenna. This step is necessary for your safety and the safety of other drivers.

3. Set up a Warning Triangle

One of the important steps when your car breaks down on the side of the road is to signal to other drivers that your car is stranded by placing the hazard triangle. You need to place the hazard triangle at least 45 meters behind your car. If you place it too close, it can endanger you and other drivers.

For your information, most cars come equipped with a hazard triangle as an emergency kit that can be used in case of an accident or breakdown. If your car does not have a hazard triangle, you can get one at any car accessory store or service center.

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4. Be Cautious and Find a Place of Shelter

When your car breaks down on the side of the road, you are advised not to stay next to the exposed side of the car facing other vehicles, as it can be dangerous. You may be at risk of being hit by other cars. Therefore, what you can do is to stay on the side of the road that is not exposed to any other vehicles. Other vehicles may be driving fast and may not notice your presence on that part of the road. You could be hit and suffer serious injuries or even worse, die on the spot.

5. Get Road Assistance

There are two sources of help you can get. The first is from your closest family members. It’s important to inform them about the situation so they can be aware of your safety and help you get assistance faster.

Secondly, you can also get help from a car tow truck, mechanic, or similar services by contacting your insurance company or PLUS Ronda. For example, you can call your insurance company to get emergency assistance. Every insurance company provides car towing services, so take advantage of the premium you pay every year by getting their towing service. This car towing service is usually available within 24 hours. The distance of towing depends on the premium you choose, whether it’s unlimited or otherwise. Follow the steps below:

Contact PLUSRonda

If your car breaks down on the highway, use the free benefits provided. These are the steps to take to get Plus Ronda assistance.

  1. Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights;
  2. Get your location in kilometers (there are km markers on the side of the highway every 100m);
  3. Call the toll-free number of the highway concession company, such as PLUSRONDA – 1800 88 0000;
  4. State the type of vehicle and license plate number;
  5. Describe the problem.

If your phone is out of battery or has no network coverage, you can use the emergency phone provided on the highway. The operator on the other end of the emergency phone can track the location of your car based on the emergency phone used.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If your car breaks down on the side of the road, you can contact your car insurance company to get free towing services. Many people are not aware of this benefit. Towing services from insurance companies are more flexible because you will get free towing services depending on your car insurance policy.

Not only that, as a user, you are given the freedom to choose a service center provided by the insurance company or you can choose your own preferred workshop. Therefore, if an unknown tow truck comes near you and offers towing services with high fees, do not be deceived. You can get the service for free with the car insurance you pay for every year.

Car Breakdown: 5 Main Reasons Cars Break Down While Driving

One of the frightening things that can happen is having a car breakdown or suddenly stall while driving. Of course, it can make any driver feel panicked for a moment. However, this can be avoided. These are the reasons:

1. Car Battery Dead

One of the common incidents that happen is a dead or faulty car battery. If the battery is not functioning properly, the car’s alternator is forced to work harder to ensure that the electronic components, including your car’s engine, are running. An alternator that is forced to work harder over an extended period can result in more pressure on the car’s engine, causing it to suddenly stop without your knowledge.

A healthy and good car battery can last between one and a half to two years. If the battery is of higher quality, its lifespan can be longer. You should be aware of the signs of a dead battery and the expiration date to avoid such incidents from happening.

2. Faulty Alternator

A sudden car breakdown can also be caused by a faulty alternator. The function of the alternator is to charge the battery and provide electrical power to the car’s electronic systems. Many people believe that simply replacing the car battery can solve the problem of the car stalling. In fact, even a new battery can still cause your car to not start. This is because of a damaged alternator that cannot recharge the power that has been used.

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3. Fuel Pump Failure

The original function of the fuel pump is to pump fuel to the engine. When it fails, the car cannot be started. The fuel pump problem can be detected through the sound of the fuel pump when you turn the car key before starting the engine. A humming sound will appear for a few seconds. If you detect this sound, it indicates that your car’s fuel pump is pumping fuel to the engine to start it.

4. Faulty ECU

The Engine Control Unit, or ECU for short, serves as the main electronic component for a car. The ECU is the component that plays the main role as the control center of the car. If the car’s ECU is damaged, your car may break down on the side of the road. Some signs of a damaged ECU that you need to know are the engine not moving, reduced engine power, the check engine light continuously lit or completely off, and the vehicle difficult to start.

5. Broken Car Spark Plug

The function of a car’s spark plug is actually crucial in the internal combustion system of the engine. It functions to produce a spark to ensure that the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber ignites. Some signs of a faulty spark plug are feeling a lack of power in your car’s acceleration, quick depletion of fuel, the engine running poorly, and a loud engine noise.

Sometimes, even though we haven’t finished paying for our car, it has already suffered from damage due to inconsistent and inadequate maintenance. Our cars need to be regularly maintained according to the specified schedule. If not, we will have to bear the consequences by spending a large amount of money on repairs. These damages are not covered by car insurance, and we have to pay for them ourselves.

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