Zakat Selangor Online: Application for Education Financial Aid 2024

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Zakat Selangor Online: Application for Education Financial Aid 2024

Selangor Zakat Education Financial Aid Program is one of the initiatives by the state government of Selangor to provide aid to deserving individuals in the form of zakat. It indirectly aims to improve the standard of living and economic conditions of eligible recipients.

Important Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Selangor Zakat Education Financial Aid

Selangor Zakat Education plays a role in providing assistance to registered Fakir, Miskin, and Mualaf (needy, poor, and converts) students who are continuing their studies at Public Higher Education Institutions (IPTA), Private Higher Education Institutions (IPTS), or Public Skills Training Institutes (ILKA) listed as the Panel Pusat Pengajian LZS.

Scope of Selangor Zakat Education Assistance

The Selangor Zakat Education Program offers various types of zakat assistance to support those in need in financing their education. Some of the assistance provided includes:

  • Payment of school or university fees;
  • Assistance with admission preparation to IPTA or IPTS;
  • Education Needs Assistance (BKP) covering pocket money, accommodation, and book allowances for purchasing textbooks, stationery, and other necessary supplies;
  • Flight Ticket Claims (for IPTs in Sabah & Sarawak only).

Eligibility Criteria for Zakat Education Assistance Application

Selangor Zakat Education Assistance sets several criteria that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for the aid. Some of the requirements for Zakat Education Assistance include:

  • Being a Muslim;
  • Malaysian citizen;
  • The head of the household/guardian must be born and residing in Selangor for at least three (3) years or currently residing in Selangor;
  • Registered as Fakir, Miskin, and Mualaf with the Selangor Zakat Board;
  • Offered admission at the Panel Pusat Pengajian Lembaga Zakat Selangor;
  • Meeting the requirements and criteria set by LZS for Higher Education Assistance (BDPT).

Bantuan Pendidikan Zakat Selangor di Malaysia

Online Application for Selangor Zakat Education Assistance: How to Apply for Selangor Zakat Education Financial Aid

The application for Higher Education Assistance (BDPT) and Pre-Entry Preparation Aid for IPT can be done online through the LZS Education Portal.

The online application registration method allows you to apply for Selangor Zakat Education Assistance easily without the need to physically visit the LZS office. To apply for Selangor Zakat Education Assistance online, you only need to follow these simple steps:

1. Sign Up

Firstly, you need to register an account in the zakat application system provided by the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS).

2. Upload Documents

Next, upload the required supporting documents such as a copy of your identification card, salary slip or employer support letter, and other relevant documents related to the application for Selangor Zakat Education Financial Aid.

3. Submit Application

Once all the required information and documents are complete, you can submit your zakat assistance application.

4. Check Selangor Zakat Assistance Status

The application will be evaluated by the authorities, and you will be notified of the application status through the official portal. The checking process for Selangor Zakat Education Assistance will begin within six (6) working days.

The approval period for the application is based on the total fees for the duration of the study, categorized as follows:

  • Total fees for the study period < RM10,000 – 6 working days;
  • Total fees for the study period < RM50,000 – 8 working days;
  • Total fees for the study period < RM100,000 – 10 working days;
  • Total fees for the study period > RM100,000 – 16 working days.

The application and assessment process for zakat education recipients will be conducted carefully and fairly to ensure that zakat assistance is channeled to those who truly need and qualify for it.

5. Acceptance of Sponsorship Offer

After the Selangor Zakat application is approved, you can print the sponsorship letter for Higher Education Assistance (BDPT) and register at the Educational Center as a sponsored student by LZS.

Usually, this zakat assistance will be credited to your account within three (3) working days after accepting the BDPT sponsorship offer from LZS on the Education Portal.

Types of Zakat Distribution by Selangor Zakat Board

In addition to education assistance, the Selangor Zakat Board provides various other zakat aid, including payment of fees for primary and secondary schools, monthly financial aid from Selangor Zakat, Selangor housing rental assistance, and more.

You can refer to the zakat distribution schedule for more information on the types of aid.

Zakat Pendidikan Selangor

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