How to Check Unclaimed Money Malaysia (2024)

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How to Check Unclaimed Money Malaysia (2024)

Malaysians can now apply for unclaimed money review through the Malaysian Accountant General’s eGUMIS System. These claims can be made by individuals involving claims of savings accounts, current accounts, fixed savings accounts, insurance, salaries, dividends, TNB, TM and SYABAS utility deposits and other related accounts.

eGUMIS Unclaimed Money Malaysia

What is unclaimed money? For your information, it refers to a sum of money that is not claimed by any individual or company for a certain period of time. Pursuant to Section 8 of the Unclaimed Money Act 1965, the Definition of Unlocked Money is divided into three categories as follows:

Category Description
Money that is legally payable to the owner, but is not paid in less than one year Salaries, wages, bonuses, commissions and other money payable to staff;
Profit declared to be divided;
Approved insurance claims for payment;
Bank drafts, cashier’s orders, and other documents with functionality similar to the validity period of the expiry;
Fixed storage (without automatic renewal instructions);
Collateral and deposits that have reached the original purpose of the money were collected;
Debt creditors or multi-credit debtors.
Money in the credit of an account that is no longer controlled by its owner in any way in no less than seven years. Savings account;
Current account;
Fixed savings (which has automatic renewal instructions).
Money in credit of a trading account that is not operated through any transaction in less than two years Trading credit accounts;
Credit Trading Debt Account.
unclaimed money malaysia egumis

How to Check Unclaimed Money in Malaysia

Beginning January 2022, the National Accountant’s Department has launched the Egumis Portal to help facilitate the process of making unrecognized money online. WTD (individual) reviews can be made using the following two methods:

How to Check Unclaimed Money Online in Malaysia

To make an online money review application, the following is how to check the Unexpected Money Department of the Online Accountant, the list of documents and the application form not claimed to help facilitate your application:

  1. Visit the eGUMIS Portal by visit;
  2. Click the Registration button in the top right to sign in;
  3. Complete all required information and the mark on the confession box agrees;
  4. Then, click the Sign Up and the Yes button to complete the registration process;
  5. Upon completion, sign in using the prescribed username and password;
  6. The user information update screen will be displayed – fill all the required user information and click the Save button;
  7. Click the UNCLAIMED MONEY button here to check the unclaimed money online;
  8. Enter the Identity Card Number and click the Search button – the screen will display the unexpected money search results;
  9. Users can print the claim form screen by clicking the Print button;
Claim Process: How to Claim Unclaimed Money Online

If you find that you have a sum of money that is not claimed during an online review, you can apply to put the money into your bank account by following the following steps:

  1. To process the claim online, you just need to press the Continue button with the application;
  2. Click Add the recipient to add an unspoken money receiver if the applicant is not a proper receiver. However, if the recipient’s personal information is the same as the applicant’s information, select the box provided and enter the banking information;
  3. Then, click the Save button;
  4. Upload required compulsory support documents;
  5. Box Sign If you agree to the confession and terms and conditions of the egumis specified, then click the Send button. Payment will only be processed if the document is complete.
Individuals Who Are Eligible to Claim Unclaimed Money

Basically, unrecognized money applications can be made by the following parties:

  1. The owner or owner of the money is not claimed;
  2. The Administrator of the Property (Wasi) named in the letter of administration of the estate;
  3. The liquidation representing the company or firm in the process of winding up;
  4. Individuals, companies or firms named in court orders; or
  5. The Companies Commission of Malaysia or the Department of Insolvency Malaysia for the company or firm is dissolved or bankrupt.

How long does the money process take time? Usually, your money will be processed and usually takes about a month to be credited to the bank account specified in the claim form upon claim.


check unclaimed money malaysia

Check Unclaimed Money – the National Accounting Institute (IPN) by Walk-in

In addition to checking the money not claimed online, you can also refer to the WTD Division Counter for more information on how to make a claim. You can visit:

  1. Registrar of Unlocked Money, Department of Accountants Malaysia at the Ministry of Finance Complex, Federal Government Administrative Center, 62594, Putrajaya; or
  2. Any State Branch Office of the National Accountants Department near you.
Documents, forms required when making unrecognized money claims

The following is a list of the unresolved money forms required when making a claim application:

  1. Complete UMA-7 Form is completed and signed;
  2. Copy of Identity Card (front and back) or passport if the applicant is not a citizen;
  3. Relevant original documents (bank books, fixed savings certificates etc.);
  4. Copy of the Bank of Account Book or Bank Statement is still active by the Bank (payment will be credited directly into the account).

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