Tesla Malaysia: Are We Prepared for The Arrival of Tesla?

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Tesla Malaysia: Are We Prepared for The Arrival of Tesla?

Speaking of Tesla cars, have you ever seen a Tesla car in Malaysia? Okay, that was a wrong question. The right question is, do you think a Tesla car is suitable to be driven in Malaysia?

Tesla Malaysia: Want to buy a Tesla? You Must See This First

Car or iPad? That’s also a frequently asked question when people explore Tesla cars. Because in terms of design, components, and the manufacturing process involved in the infotainment and instrumentation system, Tesla cars are very similar to the famous iPad gadget.

Basically, white people say, Tesla is like a giant iPad.

Okay, back to our main question, are the facilities and roads in Malaysia ready for Tesla? For your information, the Tesla brand only produces electric cars. You also know that electric cars have not been fully accepted by the people of Malaysia.

And we can’t blame the people of Malaysia. How can they accept electric cars when facilities and infrastructure for electric cars in Malaysia are not yet available, right?

So, before we use a Tesla car or any electric car, here are some important factors that we need to consider:

Charging Ports

Honestly, we still don’t have many charging ports for electric cars like Tesla. Even if there are any, they are only available in urban areas. So, it is still not feasible to make electric cars the main cars yet.

Okay fine. Of course, you can install a charging port at your own home. But the price is not cheap. If you have a charging port at your own home, you can charge your Tesla overnight before driving it the next day.

Self-driving Mode

As you know, one of the unique selling points of Tesla cars is their self-driving technology. It’s like you don’t have to hold the steering wheel, just set the car to the destination, and you can rest. Powerful, right?

But, guys, can you imagine driving a Tesla car with self-driving mode on Malaysian roads? For example, roads in the middle of the city where cars are scattered, motorcycles are swerving here and there, not to mention changing lanes without using a signal. It’s really heart-stopping.

Cars that have self-driving modes like Tesla require precise sensor systems. So, if we look at the situation in Malaysia, with unpredictable traffic conditions, incorrect road signs, and roads that have not reached a good level, it is not suitable to bring Tesla cars here.

Electric Usage

As the name suggests, electric cars obviously use a lot of electricity, right? We will be very dependent on electricity. So, back to our first point, which is the number of charging ports. If there are still not enough charging ports and infrastructure, it is difficult to normalize electric cars like Tesla.

So, here we can actually make a simple conclusion about the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla in terms of driving in Malaysia.

Advantages of Tesla:

  • Saves petrol (no need to fill up petrol anymore)
  • Efficient for urban driving (suitable for city driving)
  • Reduces pollution (when not using petrol, we automatically reduce pollution)

Disadvantages of Tesla:

  • Not many charging ports
  • Limited distance (if you want to drive from Johor to Perlis using Tesla, it is not feasible)
  • Expensive (compared to conventional cars)

tesla price malaysia

Tesla Malaysia: Interesting Facts to Know

Although the number of Teslas in Malaysia is limited, the brand name is still a topic of discussion among the public.

Elon Musk Is Not the Founder

You must be thinking that billionaire Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla, right? Actually, no. Elon Musk is only the CEO. The actual founders of Tesla are Martin Eberhard and Tarpenning.

The Name Tesla

The name Tesla was actually taken from the name of a famous innovator, Nikola Tesla.

Fastest Car

In terms of acceleration, the Tesla Roadster is hailed as the fastest car in the world! No wonder, the Tesla Roadster is so fast that it can generate acceleration power from 0km/h to 100km/h in a short period of time, 1.9 seconds!


Pet lovers would love this. One good thing about Tesla cars is that they are very pet-friendly. This feature is called Dog Mode. With this feature, you can select climate control settings. So, you can set the right temperature. For example, if you want to go to the market for a while, you can set the right temperature for your cat. Interesting, right?

That’s all Qoala can share for now. If you have a Tesla (or any other car!) and want to renew your car insurance cheaply, visit the Qoala website.

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