Mas Kahwin Rates According to State in Malaysia 2023

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Mas Kahwin Rates According to State in Malaysia 2023

The mas kahwin rates vary among the states in Malaysia, and they are determined by various factors. Mas kahwin is a term used in Malaysia to refer to a marriage registration fee or dowry. It is a customary payment made by the groom to the bride as part of the marriage process. The value of mas kahwin, essentially varies according to each state. It is a compulsory gift given by the groom to the woman who will become his wife.

3 Basic Things to Know About Mas Kahwin in Malaysia

Mas kahwin is a religious obligation and is one of the essential elements of marriage. It becomes the wife’s rights and cannot be claimed by anyone, including the former husband or the former husband’s family.

Wedding expenses generally require a significant amount of money. There are various costs and expenditures to be borne and paid attention to, including the cost of the wedding reception, “mas kahwin” (or dowry), gift money, and so on.

1. Meaning of Mahar or Mas Kahwin

According to Islam, “mas kahwin” or dowry refers to the wealth or benefits that a husband is obligated to give to his wife due to marriage. It is not only a mandatory gift to the wife but also refers to a gift that holds value as socio-economic security for women.

2. Rate and Types of Mahar

Tiada had maksimum atau minimum ditetapkan dalam menentukan nilai mas kahwin. Ia bergantung pada persetujuan, taraf atau darjat pengantin tersebut. Meskipun begitu, Islam menyarankan untuk mengambil jalan tengah untuk kebaikan bersama dan tidak menggalakkan meletakkan mahar terlalu tinggi kerana ia boleh menyebabkan kesukaran kepada pihak lelaki. Selain itu, mahar terbahagi kepada dua jenis iaitu:

Mahar Musamma

Refers to a dowry that has been predetermined and agreed upon by both parties, regardless of the value of the dowry of other female siblings. The amount of the dowry is usually clearly mentioned in the wedding ceremony, as practiced in Malay weddings today.

Mahar Misil (Comparable Dowry)

The rate of this type of dowry is determined based on the rate of dowry given by the wife’s married siblings. The dowry rate will be adjusted to be equivalent to the dowry given among family members, such as paternal or maternal cousins.

If there are none, it will be adjusted to be equivalent to the dowry given to other women of the same status in society. If that is not available either, the rate of the dowry will be determined by the husband based on local customs and traditions.

3. What is the Difference Between “Mas Kahwin” and Gift Money (Wang Hantaran)?

Many couples-to-be are still confused about the difference between “mas kahwin” and gift money. Essentially, giving “mas kahwin” is an obligatory religious act and is one of the pillars of marriage. “Mas kahwin” is a gift given by a man (the future husband) to his future wife, usually in the form of gold, such as a bracelet or gold chain.

In general, “mas kahwin” becomes the wife’s permanent property and cannot be reclaimed by the husband or family members. They cannot take any portion of the dowry without the wife’s permission. On the other hand, gift money (wang hantaran) is a customary practice in Malay weddings.

The value of the gift money depends on mutual agreement between both families. Unlike the dowry, which belongs to the wife, gift money is not her absolute property. It can be given to the family to cover wedding expenses. Moreover, giving gift money is not obligatory.

mas kahwin selangor

Mas Kahwin Rates by State in Malaysia

Islam encourages not setting the dowry rate too high to avoid difficulties and burdens on any party, especially the groom. Therefore, the dowry rate varies in different states in Malaysia. It is determined by the respective State Islamic Council at a reasonable rate to prevent any implications.

However, Islam does not specify any maximum or minimum value for the dowry. The dowry rate depends entirely on customs, prevailing conditions, and the atmosphere of a particular place and community. Additionally, this rate is also determined based on the agreement between both parties, the bride and groom.

Here are the latest dowry rates for each state in 2022 that have been set for your reference and guidance:

 State Single Widow/Single Mother
Mas Kahwin Selangor RM300 RM300
Mas Kahwin Kuala Lumpur RM80 RM40
Mas Kahwin Perak RM101 RM101
Mas Kahwin Negeri Sembilan RM200 RM100
Mas Kahwin Pahang RM22.50 RM22.50
Mas Kahwin Sabah RM100 RM80
Mas Kahwin Sarawak RM120 RM120
Labuan RM80 RM80
Mas Kahwin Penang (Pulau Pinang) RM24 RM24
Mas Kahwin Melaka RM100 RM100
Mas Kahwin Kelantan Not specified Not specified
Mas Kahwin Kedah Not specified Not specified
Mas Kahwin Terengganu Not specified Not specified
Perlis Not specified Not specified

Basically, the dowry or mas kahwin rates in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Pulau Pinang, Sabah, and Sarawak differ and are determined according to the state and the status of the bride, whether she is unmarried or a widow/single mother.

For the dowry in Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, and Kedah, it is not set by the State Islamic Religious Department but is instead determined and agreed upon by the respective families of the bridal couple. However, the dowry values provided are for reference based on the State Islamic Council. These values may vary based on mutual agreement between the bridal couple.

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