How to Pay Zakat Fitrah Online (2023) in Malaysia

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How to Pay Zakat Fitrah Online (2023) in Malaysia

Zakat Fitrah is a zakat that is attributed to all Muslims who are capable of the conditions set for each month of Ramadan. Paying zakat during Ramadan is a way for Muslims to purify property and be a form of charity claimed in the fifth Islamic pillar.

Requirements of Zakat Fitrah

“”From Ibn Umar, indeed the Prophet s.a.w preached the zakat of the Fitrah in the month of Ramadan on every Muslim (regardless of servant or independent, male or female, small or large) issued as many tamarily or staple food”” – (Bukhari & Muslim History ).

Who is obliged to pay the zakat fitrah? Based on the above hadith, this zakat must be issued by every Muslim individual. However, the fuqaha has determined that the people who perform the zakat fitrah are the ones who are obligated to provide for their living as a husband, father or grandfather who cares and raises their grandchildren. In short, it refers to the person responsible for the expense and business of providing family life.

Zakat Fitrah is compulsory for all individuals regardless of men, women, old, young, servants or independence who have surplus or expenses. The unmarried daughter is still considered under her father’s dependence. However, if the girl wants to pay her own zakat then she needs to ask for permission from her father first.

How to Calculate Zakat Fitrah?

To your knowledge, zakat is calculated based on staple food according to their respective states. For example, the weight of 2.6 pounds of rice is equivalent to RM7 per person in a house. However, this amount is lower in the Federal Territory. Some Islamic Religious Councils have introduced different zakat payments depending on the quality of rice spent according to their homes. This means that if you are able to buy high quality rice, you are encouraged to give greater charity to those who need it.

The following is an example of how to calculate zakat in the state of Selangor:

Rice category Zakat value
Local Rice Gred ARM7
Jasmine Rice/ImportRM14
Basmathi Rice/JapanRM21

However, zakat payments by rice category are not required. It is also encouraged especially if you can and want to give alms to your own sincerity.

Fitrah Zakat Rate 2022

The following is a zakat rate for all states in Malaysia:

Perlis RM7
KedahRM7, RM14, RM21
Pulau PinangRM7, RM13, RM20
PerakRM7, RM14, RM21
SelangorRM7, RM14, RM21
Negeri SembilanRM7
MelakaRM7, RM14, RM21
JohorRM7, RM10
KelantanRM7, RM14, RM21
Federal TerritoriesRM7, RM14, RM21

How to Pay Zakat Fitrah Online

The Islamic Religious Council has appointed a number of amils ​​to facilitate the payment of zakat. Zakat payments can be made at mosques near you. Since the pandemic hit, the online payment process has been introduced and you can now pay online zakat. This online zakat payment also helps those with limited time constraints in order to perform this religious obligation or instruction.

The facility has been introduced over the past few years and has been expanded to every state to facilitate the public. The public does not need to be worried because this online zakat payment has been recognized or legally lawful

Online Zakat Paying Law

Based on information from the Malacca Zakat Center, the zakat for an individual is lawful in terms of Shari’ah in the event of two things: the intention of zakat and the transfer of zakat property. The act of lafaz is a must.

How to Pay Zakat Fitrah Online in Malaysia

For online payments, the Religious Department provides various payment links depending on their respective states. The following is a method of paying for online zakat for your online reference.

KedahZakat Kedah
Zakat On Touch
Pulau PinangZakat Penang | GoPayZ | SnapNPay
PerakeZakat MAIAMP | GoPayZ | SnapNPay
SelangorZakat Selangor | GoPayZ | Boost | MyEG
Negeri SembilanZakat NS | ZakatN9 | SnapNPay  | JomPAY
MelakaZakat Melaka | QRPay Bank Muamalat
JohorMAIJ | SnapNPay
PahangZakat Pahang | eZakat MUIP
TerengganuMAIDAM |  SnapNPay
Kelantane-MAIK | MyMaik 
SarawakTabung Baitulmal Sarawak | Baitulmal Kamek | MyEG | SnapNPay
SabahMUIS | MyEG | SnapNPay |  JomPAY
Wilayah PersekutuanPPZ MAIWP | PayHalal | MyEG

When to Pay Zakat Fitrah?

Basically, the time of charity is divided into five: namely:

  1. Mandatory time – when the sunset is the end of Ramadan until the sun rises.
  2. Afdal time – Before the Hari Raya prayer.
  3. Circumcision – During the month of Ramadan.
  4. Makruh Time – After the Hari Raya prayer until the sunset is one Syawal.
  5. Illegal time – after sunset one Syawal

Forget to Pay Zakat Fitrah, What Should You Do?

When you forget to pay the zakat after the last time pay the zakat, do not wait and wait until the next Ramadan. This is because the law is sinful. What you need to do is that you must qadha zakat fitrah even though it is late.

Who Is the Recipient of the Zakat Fitrah?

There are eight asnaf or zakat recipients:

  1. Fakir: Those who have no property
  2. Poor: Has insufficient jobs or results
  3. Riqab: Sahaya’s servant or boy
  4. Gharim: People who have a lot of debt
  5. Muallaf: People who just converted to Islam
  6. Fisabilillah: People who fight in the way of Allah
  7. Ibn Sabil: travelers and students roam
  8. Amil: Those who manage the acceptance and collection of zakat

The month of Ramadan is closer to drop the curtain. If you haven’t done zakat yet, this is the best time. It’s better to be careful than to be delayed to prevent you from forgetting zakat.

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