How to Activate, Register EPF i-Akaun Online Malaysia 2024

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How to Activate, Register EPF i-Akaun Online Malaysia 2024

The EPF i-Akaun is introduced by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). It allows members to conduct savings-related transactions and retirement planning online. EPF members are encouraged to register for EPF i-Akaun to enjoy the various conveniences provided within the EPF i-Akaun platform.

Quick Guide to Registering and Activating EPF i-Akaun Online in Malaysia

EPF i-Akaun serves as a user-friendly online platform, allowing EPF members to monitor and contribute to their retirement savings. For first-time users, you need to register and open an EPF account before activating i-Akaun. You can refer to this article to learn how to register for an EPF account online.

After registration, you must activate your EPF i-Akaun within 30 days. By activating i-Akaun, you can:

Registration and activation of EPF i-Akaun can be done online, at self-service kiosks, or via email. Here are the easy steps to activate and register EPF i-Akaun:

How to Register an EPF i-Akaun Online through the i-Akaun Application

How to Register an EPF i-Akaun Online through the i-Akaun Application

You can activate your EPF i-Akaun through the i-Akaun application as follows:

  1. Visit any nearby EPF branch or kiosk;
  2. Visit the website;
  3. Select Log In and click on i-Akaun (Member). Alternatively, you can register for i-Akaun by downloading the i-Akaun EPF mobile application;
  4. Enter the user ID (EPF member number) and temporary password received via SMS;
  5. Once successfully logged in, reset your user ID, password, secret phrase, and choose your security image;
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions, and your activation is complete.
  7. After activation is complete, you will receive a successful notification on your screen.

How to Register an EPF i-Akaun through the Self-Service Terminal

Additionally, you can easily register for i-Akaun through the Self-Service Terminal (SST). You can register for EPF i-Akaun with the following five steps:

  1. Select the i-Akaun registration menu on the SST;
  2. Review and confirm your personal details;
  3. Set your user ID, password, security image, and secret phrase;
  4. Wait for the notification confirming your EPF i-Account activation has been successful;
  5. Scan the QR code to download the EPF i-Account application on your mobile phone.

How to Register an EPF i-Akaun via Email

In addition to online registration through i-Akaun and the Self-Service Terminal (SST), EPF i-Akaun registration can also be done via email as follows:

  1. Download the EPF i-Account registration form (Member) and fill in all required information;
  2. Email the completed form to If the verification is successful, members will receive a user ID and temporary password via SMS.
  3. You need to attach the following supporting documents during registration:
      • Copy of the front and back of the identification card (MyKad);
      • Selfie of the EPF member with MyKad;
      • Proof of ownership of the member’s phone number – phone bill, registration contract, payment receipt, or screenshot of the statement showing the member’s name and mobile phone number;
      • Copy of an active savings/current bank account book or statement.

Protect Your Dreams, Family, and Future with Retirement Savings via EPF i-Akaun

Protect Your Dreams, Family, and Future with Retirement Savings

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