How to Choose the Best Medical Card in Malaysia?

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How to Choose the Best Medical Card in Malaysia?

As you know, there are many medical card providers in Malaysia. Choosing the best medical card in Malaysia should be your main goal as it offers you the benefits you need at a worthwhile and affordable price. However, there are many things to consider before selecting the best card medical plan that suits your needs. In addition to offering comprehensive protection, the best medical card plan plays a role in protecting you and family members from a variety of risks as well as ensuring future comfort and enjoyment.

8 Ways to Choose the Best Medical Card in Malaysia

“How to find the best medical card?” – This is one of the most common questions that people often ask for a medical card. Basically, there is no specific way to determine if the medical card you choose is best or not. It depends entirely on the needs and budget you set.

However, you can refer to the full guide on how to select the best Medical Card as follows to help you select any medical card that is right for you.

1. No Annual Limit, Adequate Annual Limit

Do not take a medical card insurance plan with a very low annual limit. This is because, medical costs in Malaysia are expected to continue to rise over the years. It will cause medical bills to be more expensive.

If you get a health insurance with an annual limit of RM200,000 a year, it is not enough to cover the cost of expenses if it takes into account the current currency value. Therefore, it is advisable to take medical insurance that can protect the cost of your treatment and surgery as a whole.

While the insurance premium rate will be more expensive, it is in line with the protection you can and is definitely worth the long -term investment you make.

2. No Lifetime Limit

The limit or limit of lifetime refers to the total benefits that you deserve. Basically, the insurance protection plan will expire automatically after reaching a set lifetime limit.

For example, your annual medical card limit is RM100,000, while your lifetime limit is RM500,000. This means that you can only use RM100,000 per year for five years. After reaching a lifetime limit, medical insurance will expire automatically.

Such situations can be detrimental to you because if you want to get a new insurance cover plan, you may have to pay for higher insurance premiums due to age factors (more and more expensive insurance prices).

In addition, it is possible that the existing disease will not be covered by insurance. Therefore, you need to consider a lifetime limit before choosing the best health insurance for you.

3. A Comprehensive List of Hospitals

In addition to the annual limit and lifetime limit, one of the things to consider before choosing the best medical card is the list of hospital panels under the card medical plan for you to get treatment.

As you know, the medical card you list has a list of panel hospitals. You need to get treatment at a listed panel hospital to enjoy the insurance or takaful guarantee.

If your medical card does not offer a comprehensive panel hospital service, it may be a problem for you. For example, you live in Terengganu, but most panel hospitals are concentrated in the Klang Valley only. It may make it difficult for you to maximize the benefits and benefits of this Medical Card.

Take into account your home location and check your nearby Panel Hospital facility with your insurance company before registering a medical insurance.

4. Choose the Best Medical Card According to the Need

Each individual is subject to different amounts and types of protection depending on their risk assessment. To get the best Insurance Card or Medical Card cover, it is advisable to discuss with your agent to ensure that you get the proper protection to suit your needs.

However, make sure the insurance coverage is not over-over-insured and exceeds the ability to repay each month.

which medical card is the best in malaysia

5. Understand the Features of the Protection Plan You Choose

You are also advised to read and understand the scope of protection, the terms and conditions set forth in your insurance policy. Don’t just make payments every month, but don’t know and get confused by the protection specified in the policy.

If you do not understand properly, you may have difficulty in making insurance claims. For example, the advantages of a medical card will only be enjoyed in the event of hospitalization. In other words, it is only used to pay for hospitalization costs and you will not benefit in the event of death or defect.

Just as you want to protect your assets and property such as home, car and so on, you need to get general takaful insurance. Meanwhile, you need a Life or Family Takaful Insurance Plan to seek the protection of death, disability or health benefits.

6. Take Into Account the Monthly Commitment That Needs to Be Borne

In addition to protection, the best way to choose the best medical card is to take into account the monthly commitment to be borne. Basically, the amount of premiums payable is usually influenced by age, amount of protection and current benefits and health status.

In other words, the more and the more comprehensive the protection is the higher the monthly payment. Therefore, it is advisable to identify your needs and adjust to the budget you have. Avoid getting insurance coverage that exceeds your ability.

There is no point in having a comprehensive protection but you need to belly and burden with a high monthly commitment.

7. Which Medical Card Is the Best in Malaysia? Make Comparison of Insurance Companies

Understand each insurance plan carefully and compare premium rates and benefits offered by some insurance companies. Every best insurance/takaful company or medical card in Malaysia offers a basic protection plan that is similar to a variety of insurance plans with its own benefits and protection.

However, each product offered has its own benefits and protection especially in terms of the benefits of attracting a specific target market. Therefore, you need to compare it first before choosing the best insurance protection plan for you and your family. This is to prevent you from buying insurance that doesn’t suit your needs.

8. No Problem With Health Insurance if You Have a Critical Illness

Some insurance companies will not renew your existing insurance policy if you have critical illness or risky pain in the future. Therefore, you need to take into account this kind of situation before choosing the best and best medical card for you.

Assuming your insurance policy is terminated for this reason, it should make it difficult for you to get new insurance. Insurance companies need information on current health status and take into account your age before processing your new application.

If you have existing illness, the disease will be excluded from insurance coverage and you may also be subject to higher insurance premium rates due to age factors.

Medical Insurance or medical card basically helps you prepare for a variety of contingent risks such as accidents or illnesses. If you do not have insurance, it may make it difficult for you and your family to cover high medical costs.

Also, if you are looking for the best medical card protection plan for yourself and your family, visit the Qoala website for more info. Qoala provides a series of health insurance products from some of the best and most popular medical insurance companies in Malaysia with a simple, fast and safe process.

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