9 Safety Tips for Celebrating Aidilfitri You Must Know

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9 Safety Tips for Celebrating Aidilfitri You Must Know

Long holidays during festive seasons such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Korban, or Christmas are usually utilized by city dwellers to return to their hometowns. Despite the joy of going back to visit parents and relatives, it is still important to practice safety tips for a safe celebration, ensuring your health and well-being.

Going Back for Aidilfitri This Week? Here Are 9 Safety Tips for a Smooth Celebration

In the midst of the excitement of returning to your hometown, safety should not be taken lightly. With proper safety measures, unwanted incidents or accidents can be avoided. Here are nine safety tips for a safe celebration that you should know to help you plan your journey.

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1. Safety Tips for Celebrating Aidilfitri: Switch Off Lights, Electrical Appliances

Before heading back to the village, make sure to turn off all switches in every corner of your house and unplug them from the sockets. This is important to prevent any short circuit incidents that could lead to fires.

Additionally, this step can also help save on electricity usage and monthly expenses. To avoid any worries, take pictures of all the switches that have been turned off to ensure a more peaceful journey back to the village.

2. Disconnect the Gas Stove Cylinder and Close the Water Taps

Remove the gas stove cylinder head when you are not at home for an extended period. This method helps to prevent the risk of a house fire in case of gas hose or stove leaks during your absence.

Additionally, ensure that all water taps in your house are closed before leaving. If your house has a water storage tank, empty the water inside to prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes.

3. Store Valuable Belongings in a Secure Place

Regardless of whether you are returning to the village for a long or short period, it is advisable not to leave valuable items such as laptops, jewelry, cash, and so on unattended. Take these valuable belongings with you.

If necessary, ask a trusted acquaintance to keep these valuable items temporarily. Based on statistics, home break-ins and thefts tend to increase, especially during festive seasons.

4. Lock the Doors, Windows, and House Gates

Ensure that all doors, windows, and house gates are securely closed and locked. Use sturdy padlocks that are not easy to break or tamper with.

Additionally, carry your house keys with you. Avoid hiding or storing your house keys in easily noticeable locations such as under a flowerpot, doormat, or in a shoe rack outside the house.

5. Safety Tips for Celebrating Aidilfitri: Keep the Lights on Inside the House

If you’re concerned about leaving your house for an extended period, keep the lights on inside the house or in appropriate locations. This is done to create the illusion of an occupied home and reduce the risk of break-ins.

It is advisable to install timer settings for lights inside and outside your house. The lights will automatically turn on or off based on the set schedule. Turn on the lights around 7 p.m. every day throughout your absence.

You can also consider installing an alarm system and closed-circuit cameras in your house as an additional security measure.

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6. Do Not Share Your Absence on Social Media

Avoid or never upload status on social media sharing your absence or the absence of any family members at home. It can provide an opportunity for outsiders to monitor your movements and whereabouts.

In general, it is not recommended to share the following information on social media for your safety:

  • The absence of your spouse, father, or other family members at home.
  • The location of your house or your current whereabouts, as it can increase the risk of home break-ins and similar crimes.
  • Sensitive information such as car license plate numbers, identification numbers, full names, etc., to prevent personal data theft.

7. Inform Your Neighbors/Police About Your Absence

To ensure the enhanced security of your residence, it is advised to inform your neighbors or the police about your absence. This allows them to assist in monitoring the safety of your home during your absence.

The police often conduct regular patrols during such times.

8. Perform Car Maintenance

In addition to the security of your unattended residence, conducting vehicle inspection and maintenance is essential before driving back to your hometown. A well-maintained vehicle can reduce the risk of accidents or breakdowns during the journey.

Certainly, you wouldn’t want your journey back to the hometown to be disrupted by a malfunctioning or stranded vehicle due to engine overheating. Perform a thorough vehicle inspection before and after the trip to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Furthermore, ensure that you plan your car service well in advance, as most car service centers are usually crowded during the festive season.

9. Safety Tips for Celebrating Aidilfitri: Drive With Caution

You are also advised to drive safely to reduce the risk of accidents. Follow these eight safety tips for driving below for a smoother journey back to your hometown:

    1. Avoid planning last-minute or rushed trips as they may disturb your emotions.
    2. If you feel drowsy, take a short rest or postpone your journey.
    3. Wear a seatbelt and refrain from using your mobile phone while driving.
    4. Always adhere to the designated speed limits and exercise caution when driving in the rain.
    5. Before changing lanes, ensure that it is safe by checking your side and rearview mirrors.
    6. Red traffic lights mean stop, yellow means prepare to stop, and not an indication to accelerate.
    7. Avoid tailgating other vehicles too closely. If the vehicle in front suddenly brakes, at least you will have time to react.
    8. Avoid cutting queues or misusing emergency lanes as such self-centered actions are dangerous.

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Stay Safe This Celebration: Health Tips & Traveling During the Festivities

When the festive season arrives, cases related to health, theft, fire, or accidents tend to increase. These incidents occur because many people still neglect the aspect of personal safety, the safety of their families, and their belongings.

Here are some safety tips for celebrating this festive season that you and your family can practice:

  • Get vaccinated to provide additional protection.
  • Follow PLUS (Malaysia’s expressway network) for the latest updates on recommended travel schedules.
  • Top up your Touch ‘n Go card with sufficient funds to avoid congestion at toll plazas or any destination you’re heading to.
  • Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands regularly before and after greetings.
  • Wear a face mask if you sneeze or cough.
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell.
  • Conduct a self-assessment (self-test) to ensure you are truly free from Covid-19 before celebrating or returning to your hometown.

Furthermore, it is important for you to have the appropriate car insurance for a safer and more peaceful journey. If you haven’t renewed your car insurance, consider first-party car insurance for more comprehensive coverage.

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