General SOP Introduced, Malaysia’s Transition to COVID 19 Endemic Phase Starts on 1st April

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General SOP Introduced, Malaysia’s Transition to COVID 19 Endemic Phase Starts on 1st April

After two years of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the phase of “Transition to COVID 19 Endemic” in Malaysia is expected to begin on 1 April. This was announced by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, during a special media briefing on Tuesday evening.

According to him, the decision to transition to a phase of safe and phased reopening of the country, or reopening safely, was made after a risk assessment took into account several factors and views from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, as well as inputs from the quartet of ministers including the Minister of Defense, Minister of Health, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Communications and Multimedia.

“The phase of ‘Transition to Endemic’ in Malaysia serves as an exit strategy to allow life to return to normalcy after nearly two years of battling the Covid-19 outbreak” – Source

10 SOP Enforced during the ‘Transition to COVID 19 Endemic’ Phase in Malaysia

As Malaysia enters the ‘Transition to Endemic’ phase, we need to learn to live with the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, it is important to understand the risks of transmission and practice safe preventive measures, especially during daily activities, for the safety of ourselves, our families, and those around us. Here are the standard operating procedures (SOP) enforced during the ‘Transition to Endemic’ phase for your reference:

  1. The use of face masks in public places is still mandatory, except in open spaces where physical distancing can be maintained.
  2. Premises owners must ensure good ventilation systems within their premises.
  3. Maintain proper hand hygiene at all times.
  4. Covid-19 testing and detection should follow the National Testing Strategy guidelines.
  5. Operating hours restrictions for businesses are lifted, allowing them to operate 24 hours according to their operating licenses’ terms and conditions.
  6. Check-in using the MySejahtera application is still mandatory, except in open and uncrowded spaces without gatherings. MYSJTrace is required for indoor premises with a high number of guests/visitors.
  7. Congregational prayers in mosques/surau or religious ceremonies in places of worship other than Islam can be conducted without physical distancing. However, this is subject to the regulations set by the respective State Religious Authorities and the Ministry of Unity Malaysia.
  8. Capacity limits based on employee vaccination coverage are lifted, and interstate travel is allowed regardless of vaccination status.
  9. Standardized frequency and methods of premises cleaning are implemented across ministries.
  10. Individuals suspected or confirmed positive for Covid-19 must adhere to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (KKM).

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