Using Oyen to Remove a Cat Inside Car Engine?

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Using Oyen to Remove a Cat Inside Car Engine?

Before starting your car engine, it is advisable to check the engine first. It’s possible that a kitten may have entered the car engine, so it’s important to be cautious. Don’t be surprised if you come across a kitten inside the car engine. Due to their small size, they can easily crawl into the engine from underneath the car.

Why do cats like to sit in car engines? Well, the engine generates heat, which attracts them. However, this situation is actually very dangerous as they can get injured from the excessive heat inside the car engine.

If your neighborhood has many cats, it is recommended to check your car engine before moving. Just recently, a person in Japan shared their story about a kitten trapped in their car engine.

Fortunately, the individual noticed the presence of the kitten before starting their journey. However, another problem arose when the kitten refused to come out of the car engine. It continued to hide, feeling scared of the person trying to get it out.

The problem was shared with other neighbors, who tried various methods to rescue the kitten, but they were unsuccessful.

After failed attempts to remove the kitten, one of the neighbors came up with the idea of using their pet cat, Oyen, to persuade the kitten.

Oyen called out to the kitten. We don’t know what Oyen said to the kitten, but after being called several times, the kitten began to show interest in coming out. At that point, the crowd prepared to rescue the kitten, and finally, they succeeded in getting it out.

Well, take a look at the video of Oyen, the hero!


Cats Getting into Car Engines: How to Remove a Cat from a Car Engine

If you hear meowing sounds in your car, immediately check your car engine. That’s their favorite spot. If you’re unsure how to remove the cat, here are some tips you can try:

Sound the Horn

This method can be done without harming the cat. Sound the horn a few times before starting the car engine. The sound of the horn will startle them and they will come out of the car engine.

Tap the Car Hood

In addition to the horn, you can tap the car hood a few times gently to signal the cat to come out of your car engine.

Place Cat Food in Front of the Car

If you have cat food, place it in front of the car. This method is to lure the cat out of the car engine.

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