7 Spending Money Habits after Receiving Salary

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7 Spending Money Habits after Receiving Salary

What is your spending money habit? Payday is a much-awaited day for everyone. Don’t tell me you’re not looking forward to it? Usually on payday, what’s the first thing you do after the salary is credited to your account? Pay your commitments? Deduct savings in advance? Or spend without a care in the world? Here are the spending habits of people after they receive their salary!

Do You Have These Spending Money Habits?

This one should be emulated. As soon as the salary is credited, allocate all the commitments. Commitments such as car loans, home loans, transportation costs, insurance, groceries, allowances for parents, and so on.

Depending on one’s life. After settling the needs, the excess can be used for personal wants.

Modified Car

This is usually for car enthusiasts. Every month, there must be an upgrade to the car accessories. This month, install a spoiler, next month a new sport rim, the following month change the sound system.


No time to let the salary stay a bit longer in the bank, Shopee is immediately opened! This is the time to check out all the items placed in the shopping cart.

Sometimes the items are not even necessary, but it feels like shopping. Have you ever felt like that? Not to mention Khairul Aming’s sambal. Then there’s a promotion like 12.12. Haa, the fingers quickly press check out!

Hipster Café Hunting

After getting the salary, list down the hipster cafes that must be visited. The criteria for these hipster cafes must be like this:

  • Instagrammable;
  • Instagrammable food;
  • Food prices at RM20 or above;
  • The OOTD place must be nice.

Save RM100 Every Month

There’s a resolution every month. For example, saving RM100 from the salary every month, make a saving. But it never happens!

The resolution arises maybe because all the money was spent last month, so this month is supposed to be a saving month. But it’s just talk…

Staycation Every Week

This is also one of the new rich people’s habits (read: just after payday). As soon as the salary is credited, open booking.com to book a staycation.

The place should be aesthetic, then it will be nice to take IG story photos!


TikTok addicts must understand this. There are many people on TikTok who sprinkle “poison”. Especially for products on Shopee. Fuhh, quickly go to the check-out after getting the salary.

So, which category of spending habits do you fall into? No matter what you do with your salary, make sure you track where your money is going. Don’t let spending take over your world!

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