Land Title Lost or Damaged? 5 Ways to Apply for a New One

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Land Title Lost or Damaged? 5 Ways to Apply for a New One

In Malaysia, the land title is a document issued to an individual to confirm that the individual is the absolute owner of the property. This ownership allows the owner to be free to do anything to his property such as changing the name of the property or selling the property. However, incidents such as flood-drowning houses, burning houses and so on can cause valuables including missing, damaged or destroyed land grant documents.

Three Types of Land Title Damages

What to do if the land grant is lost, damaged or destroyed? If you are in such a situation, you can apply for a new land grant application to replace your damaged, lost or destroyed land grant. Basically, you can apply for a home grant replacement subject to three categories as follows:

1. Application If Your Land Grant Is Missing

Lost title refers to the situation of land grants held by landlords or stakeholders has disappeared from their savings either due to theft or negligence (misunderstood). The application of the lost land is divided into two, namely, temporary property (HS (D)) and permanent property (GRN and PN). Typically, the time period required for the replacement of the missing land grant is as follows:

  • Three months for the replacement of temporary land rights (leasehold holdings); and
  • Six months for permanent land rights (independent holdings).

2. Application for Damaged Land Title

In addition, the defective title refers to the situation of damaged land grants due to disasters such as floods or fire, consumed age or laminated (laminated). Why can the soil grant laminate cause the grant to be considered damaged? This is because the heating process that occurs during the laminate process can damage important holograms, security caps or ink on the document itself. The reflection of light from plastic laminate may also cause an additional line, shadow or color that is confusing to the soil grant so it is difficult to process and read especially when making a copy.

Basically, the process of application for the damaged land grant is the same as the application of the land grant. Applicants will need to bring the title of damaged land to the land office for a replacement land grant. Typically, the time period required for the process of replacing the defective land title is estimated at about two weeks.

3. Application If Your Land Title Is Completely Destroyed

Restricted title refers to the land grant missing from the landlord’s savings or stakeholders, and at the same time a copy of the duplicate stored in the Land Office is also lost and there is no information. To replace the crushed land grant, the application process took a long time because it required investigations and had to go through a news twice.

What is the two -time news? It means official notifications will be issued to allow anyone who wants to protest (if any) against your application to come forward. Any objection received will be examined best before the application is approved. The time period required to replace the land ownership is around nine months.

5 Ways to Apply for New Land Grants to Replace Missing Land Title at Land Office

What is the procedure for replacing the missing land grant? Basically, the ground grant is lost, damaged ground grants or crushed soil grants can make many soil -related processes such as boundary breakdowns, breakdowns or soil sales processes. If you are facing this situation, you do not have to worry because the lost, torn or other grants can be replaced by applying at the Land Office subject to the following procedures:

1. Make a Police Report

If the land grant is lost, you will need to make a police report immediately. Police reports should be made as evidence of the loss of the land grant by the land office. Usually, the police need the following information:

  • The owner’s full name;
  • Identification card number;
  • Grant information;
  • Real estate address;
  • Other relevant information such as the expected period of time and so on.

2. Make an Oath

In addition, the oath must be made by the grant owner before the Oath Commissioner to confirm the permission for the process of replacing the title. If the land is a large number of ownership, all owners will need to make a joint oath. This means that if the land has 15 nominees, all 15 nominee should make an oath before the Oath Commissioner.

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3. Make an Application to Replace the Lost Land Title at the Land Office

Then, you will need to attend any nearby land office to obtain a lost or damaged grant replacement application form. However, it is advisable to attend the land office of the property location. For example, if your land is located in the area of ​​Selangor, you will need to attend the land office in Selangor for the process of obtaining a new land grant. In addition, if the property has many nominees, it is enough for one person to attend the Land Office as an applicant.

What Documents Are Needed for the Replacement of Missing Land Title?

To launch the missing land grant process, you need the original document of sale and purchase agreement (SPA). This is to enable the Land Office to identify some of the missing real estate information in the document. The following is a brief checklist for missing ownership applications by individuals, private companies/law firms and government/statutory bodies (non -objective).

An Individual’s Application

For individual applications, you need the following documents:

  • The original copy of the police report confirmed by the police station;
  • Copy of the identity card of the party who made the police report;
  • The Owner of the Owner/Joint Owner (if the land grant is numerous) that has been stamped;
  • Copy of the owner/co -owner’s identity card;
  • Official Search Certificate;
  • A copy of the death certificate, or a copy of the will and a deceased beneficiary of the deceased to the stamp if the co -owner/owner has passed away;
  • Copy of Land Tax Receipt and Recent Assessment Tax paid.
Private Company/Law Firm Application

For applications by private companies or through law firms, the Land Office usually requires the following supporting documents:

  • It is advisable to use a letter head for application – if through a lawyer, use a law firm letter head;
  • Copy of the company’s identity card and the deceased pledge of declaration;
  • Copies of Forms 49, 44 and 24 as well as the Company and M&A resolutions certified by the Company Secretary;
  • In the event of a lawyer, a copy of the lawyer’s identity card and the lawyer of the lawyer who manages the application;
  • Other documents are the same as individual applications.
Application for Government/Statutory Bodies

For applications involving government departments or statutory bodies, the required supporting documents are as follows:

  • It is advisable to use the letter head of the government/statutory body for application;
  • The original copy of the police report confirmed by the police station;
  • A copy of the Identification Card of the Government Officer who made the police report;
  • Acceptance Letter of Paths of Stakeholders Registered on Property and Copy of Dead Identity Card;
  • Government Officer’s Oath Letter of Making Police Reporting Stamp;
  • Oath letter and copy of the Identity Card (department/statutory department) who have been stamped;
  • Appendix of the land plan (if any).

4. Investigation by the Land Office

After you submit the application form together with the complete supporting documents, the Land Office will conduct an investigation. The investigation is conducted to ensure that the ownership of the property is legal and aimed at ensuring that the procedure for replacing land rights at the Land Office is accordingly. Once the investigation is completed, the owner will usually receive a letter from the Land Office. Therefore, you need to make sure the correspondence addresses set forth in the application is your latest address.

5. Collect Your New Land Title at the Land Office

After the investigation is completed, the Land Office will process new land grants to replace your missing land grant. This process usually takes a long time, you can ask the officers who manage your process for certainty. Once the new land grant is ready, the owner will have to come and take the grant himself. However, if you need to send a representative to take the grant on your behalf, a power representative letter must be made.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Missing Land Title?

The rate of payment for the replacement of the missing land grant depends on the type of property ownership and location of your property. For example, the cost of replacing the missing land grant in Selangor is RM430 for temporary ownership and RM440 for permanent ownership.

This cost does not include the legal fees charged by your lawyer (if applicable). In addition, each included document must be settled and stamped (stamped stamp) by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) at a rate of RM10 for each document.

Hopefully this guidance on how to apply for a missing land title can help facilitate the process of replacing your land grant. Also, if you are considering the best and comprehensive home insurance for your new home, visit the Qoala website for more info. Qoala is the best insurance platform in Malaysia with a guarantee of safe, affordable and easy home insurance process.

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