4 Signs that Your Car Steering Wheel is Malfunctioning

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4 Signs that Your Car Steering Wheel is Malfunctioning

The car steering wheel, as you know, is an important component that functions to control the car. Therefore, steering problems should be taken seriously as a faulty steering system can be very dangerous and can cause you to be involved in accidents while driving on the road. Are you currently facing problems such as a vibrating steering wheel or heavy steering? This article will share four signs that indicate your car steering wheel is malfunctioning, how to control the car’s steering, and much more.

Know the 4 Signs that Your Car’s Steering System Has Problems

You may start to feel that driving your current car is different and not as smooth as before. One of the reasons could be that your steering system may be experiencing problems as listed below.

1. Car Steering Vibrates

No driver likes it when their steering wheel starts to vibrate. A vibrating steering wheel is an indication that your steering system has problems and can cause driving to be uncomfortable and scary. You will notice this issue while driving, especially when turning the steering wheel. What causes the car steering to vibrate? There are various potential causes that may surprise you, as it may not be your car’s steering system that is the problem, but instead other issues with your car, such as:

  • Unbalanced wheels;
  • Worn-out brake pads;
  • Damaged brake calipers;
  • Engine problems.

It’s best to seek prompt assistance from a qualified and knowledgeable mechanic at a car service center. They can diagnose and advise you on how to resolve the issue. If you allow the shaking problem to persist, it could worsen your car’s system and compromise your overall vehicle safety.

2. Heavy Car Steering Wheel 

Isn’t it frustrating to drive when your car steering feels heavy? You need more strength to turn the steering wheel, feeling like you’re working out! A heavy steering wheel can affect your car’s safety and performance. If you start to notice that your car’s steering feels heavy, don’t ignore it because the problem is actually significant. Heavy steering refers to when your car’s steering becomes stiff, making it difficult to turn. So, what causes your car steering to feel heavy? Here are some reasons why this problem occurs:

  • Insufficient or uneven tire pressure;
  • Improper wheel alignment;
  • Insufficient or excessive lubricating oil;
  • Lack of car servicing for a long time.

What you can do is to immediately get a car service at a nearby workshop. You can also do a self-inspection by checking the tire pressure, oil level, and wheel alignment.

sound when turning steering wheel

3. Car Steering Wheel Makes Noise When Turning 

Have you ever heard a noise when turning your car steering wheel? A steering wheel that produces a “creak” sound is not only annoying, it is also a sign of a serious problem. You may also notice a squeaking sound, which is a common sound you might hear and is caused by the car’s brakes. Some of the causes of these annoying noises are:

  • Low power steering fluid or a power steering fluid leak;
  • Tire bearing problems;
  • Brake rotor problems;
  • CV joint issues.

Various types of noises can be produced if your car has these problems. It can make driving uncomfortable and uneasy. Therefore, do not ignore any unusual sounds you hear while driving. Instead, take action as soon as possible and seek the help of an expert.

4. Car Steering Wheel Moves by Itself

This one is really dangerous. Have you ever noticed while driving, especially on a straight road, that the car moves by itself slowly to the left or right? Imagine if you lose focus while driving on a straight road, your car might end up in another lane and cause an accident. There are several possible causes of this problem, including:

  • Your tires may be over or underinflated;
  • Your brake caliper may be stuck;
  • Your wheels are misaligned.

When a vehicle moves by itself to the left or right and does not maintain a straight path, it makes it difficult for the driver to maintain control and increases the likelihood of an accident. So don’t wait too long when you first notice this problem with your car.

In conclusion, if you have noticed any of the signs mentioned in this article regarding your car steering wheel, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. The potential for an accident is high if the problem persists.

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