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Insurance Premium & 7 Other Insurance Terms You Must Know
You might find some insurance terms that you've never heard of such as insurance premium, car NCDs, betterment and so on. Find out more here.
March 17, 2022
9 mins read
The 11 Luxurious Cars: Discovering the Most Expensive Car in the World
Find out the most expensive cars in the world. From Bugatti to Rolls-Royce, find out which car takes the top spot in luxury and price.
Hariz Hafiz
Hariz Hafiz
March 8, 2022
7 mins read
Cheap Car Malaysia: Top 3 Cars for Salary Below RM3,000
Looking for a cheap car in Malaysia? Check out this guide on affordable car options for those with a monthly salary of under RM3,000.
March 3, 2022
9 mins read
4 Signs that Your Car Steering Wheel is Malfunctioning
Car steering wheel problems can pose a serious safety risk for drivers and passengers. Learn more about these four important signs.
4 mins read
Car Service Checklist: 12 Important Things You Must Know
Discover the 12 important things you must know to maintain your vehicle's health and prevent costly repairs.
8 mins read
Managing a Flooded Car, 7 Important Tips to Minimize Losses
If you're dealing with a flooded car, it's important to act fast and minimize your losses. Here are 7 important tips to help you manage your flooded car.
6 mins read
6 Signs of a Faulty Car Alternator
Identifying car alternator problems early can help prevent breakdowns and ensure a well-functioning electrical system. Find out more in this article.
8 mins read
Guide to Changing Car Paint Color to Avoid Getting Fined
Explore various methods and essential tips in this guide on changing the car paint color. Follow the correct steps to avoid unwanted fines.
7 mins read
Car Wiper Maintenance Tips: How To Make Car Wipers Last Longer?
Get the most out of your car wipers with our comprehensive guide to maintenance. Learn how to keep your wipers functioning properly and make them last longer.
6 mins read
Cheap Car Insurance: 3 Steps to Choose Your Car Insurance
Looking for affordable and cheap car insurance? Follow these three simple steps to choose the right car insurance for your needs and budget.
5 mins read
Car Spark Plugs: 5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Them
Car spark plugs are vital elements in the car's ignition system. Learn the signs indicating the need for replacement through this article!
6 mins read
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Transfer Car Ownership in Malaysia 2023
Discover the seamless process of transferring car ownership JPJ with our step-by-step guide. Learn how to transfer car ownership in Malaysia hassle-free here.
12 mins read
Is Owning an Electric Car in Malaysia Cheaper?
Find out if owning an electric car in Malaysia is cheaper than a conventional petrol car and cost considerations you should know.
7 mins read
Car Exhaust System: Signs of a Leaky Exhaust and Repair Costs
Discover the signs of a leaky car exhaust system, the costs of repairing a leaky exhaust, white smoke emissions, and tips for maintaining your car's exhaust system.
6 mins read
11 Risks of Continue Car Loan You Should Consider
Should you be involved with continu car loan deal or kereta sambung bayar? Explore the 11 risks associated with continuing a car loan.
10 mins read
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